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Is Zendaya Vegan? What Is Zendaya’s Diet

Is Zendaya Vegan? What Is Zendaya's Diet

Is Zendaya Vegan – what is Zendaya’s diet you may wonder. I have got all the answers for you.

I love Zendaya, I cannot deny it. She is incredibly beautiful and talented. I would be lying if I said that I don’t find Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland cute AF. They met on set, and have been the cutest couple in Hollywood ever since.

We cannot deny that Zendaya has got an incredible figure.

But how does she keep this amazing figure? Does she eat plants? Is Zendaya Vegan?

Let’s find out, shall we!

Is Zendaya Vegan?

Is Zendaya Vegan? What Is Zendaya's Diet

Zendaya has been a vegetarian for years now, so just like Olivia Rodrigo, Zendaya is vegetarian. Zendaya has been a vegetarian since she has been a child. Apparently, the reason she became vegetarian is due to her love for animals.

Funny enough, Zendaya doesn’t actually like eating vegetables – and yet she doesn’t eat meat. In fact, she is a known animal activist.

So, the answer is – Zendaya is not vegan, but she is vegetarian. Furthermore, she does often eat vegan – which is a step in the right direction.

To begin with, she struggled to be a vegetarian, but since she has been for several years now, she has adapted to the vegetarian diet.

Will Zendeya Ever Go Vegan?

I believe so, yes. The statistics show that many vegetarians often go vegan, particularly after being vegetarian for a long period of time.

Many fellow Holywood stars/singers are vegan – so I am absolutely sure that Zendaya will one day go vegan!

What Does Zendaya  Eat? What Does Her Diet Consist Of?

Is Zendaya Vegan? What Is Zendaya's Diet

Zendaya isn’t a breakfast lover. However, when she does have breakfast, she tends to go all-in with some pancakes and Nutella.

As mentioned above, Zendaya doesn’t actually like veggies much. However, according to Cosmopolitan – she still makes sure she has veggies regularly, normally in the form of salads.

She also doesn’t mind cooking but doesn’t often cook due to her not feeling like it often, or is simply too busy. She also mentioned that she doesn’t like following instructions! I mean who does? Haha!

Believe it or not, Zendaya loves a good takeout meal! In fact, she often gets in trouble with her manager/assistant for consuming too many takeout meals. How – I wonder? How does she eat so many takeout meals and yet, she still has this perfect figure? 😀

The secret is – she works out a lot. So guys and girls, if you want a good looking figure and eat takeouts, you gotta hit the gym regularly 😉


So, Zendaya may not be vegan, but she is an animal activist and hasn’t touched meat since she was 9. She is currently a vegetarian, but there is a huge chance that she may turn vegan very soon.

Zendaya is also a great example that, even if you don’t like eating veggies, you can still be a vegetarian or vegan,  – Zendaya doesn’t like veggies, and she has made it as a vegetarian for over a decade now!

There is no excuse, if you truly love animals – go vegan!

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    27 May 2023 at 9h37

    Your Zendaya love is cute. 😀
    I started being vegan more recently, although I aswell do not like many vegetables. People always think it is hard to go vegan, but I believe, if you really care for animals, it is rather easy. 🙂

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