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No-Cook Healthy Vegan Protein Bars

No-Cook Healthy Vegan Protein Bars

Here’s a recipe for No-Cook Healthy Vegan Protein Bars that are packed with enough protein to give your body the boost it needs, while satisfying the sweetness you crave.

Protein bars a perfect way to get some protein in you, and just curb your hunger if you are busy, or on the go.

The problem are though:

a. They are expensive
b. They are loaded with sugars and nasty stuff
c. Most plant-based protein bars just suck!

So, today I am presenting you with my homemade vegan protein bar recipe.

As I’ve mentioned a few times here, I am on a journey to make tasty stuff, but yet still be healthy!
These protein bars have got no added refined sugar to them. The only sweetness is from a dollop of maple syrup, which personally, I can go without! But the maple syrup helps it all bind together!

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Do let me know how you found these No-Cook Healthy Vegan Protein Bars if you do try them though! And if there was anything you tried or something that worked better…Do drop me a comment below, or you can find me/message me directly on InstagramPinterestYouTube, or Facebook! I love seeing what my lovely readers think of my recipes!


1/2 cup/125g of oat milk

1 cup/240g all-natural peanut butter (I used chunky, but creamy would do just fine too)

2 teaspoons of maple syrup or another sweetener you have/like

1 cup/120g Vegan vanilla  protein powder

2 cups/180g old fashioned oats

1/4 cup chia seeds/45g, whole

1/4 cup flax seeds/ 38g, whole

2 tbsp dark chocolate chips to press on top of the bars (optional), melted chocolate to drizzle, or just leave it plain!


1. In a medium bowl, toss old fashioned oats, flaxseed and chia seeds with whey protein powder. Set aside.

2. In a medium saucepan, combine dairy-free milk, peanut butter and maple syrup over low-medium heat. Stir until the peanut butter is melted and mixed well.

3. Fold in the oat/seed mixture and stir until well combined. Press mixture firmly into a 9×9 pan.
If using, sprinkle dark chocolate chips on top, or drizzle melted chocolate.

4. Put the pan in the fridge to set and harden a bit. About an hour or two.  (I cut mine into 9 square bars.)

Store these No-Cook Healthy Vegan Protein Bars in the fridge for a firmer texture.

*If your mixture is too dry add 1-2 tsp milk!

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