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One Month Vegan Weight Loss

One Month Vegan Weight Loss

One month vegan weight loss journey. How much weight can you lose after 1 month of being vegan? Will you lose any weight when you go vegan?
I will dig deep into this in this article and recommend meal prep, recipes, tips, and more.

Before I begin, I would like to quickly note that the one and the only way to lose weight is through a calorie deficit.
Switching to a vegan diet won’t automatically make you lose weight if you keep consuming the same amount of calories you have before.

However, switching to a vegan diet can help you lose weight without realizing it, and I will explain why in this article. So keep reading!

How Much Weight Can You Lose In a Month By Going Vegan?

Will I lose weight being vegan for a month? you may wonder. Well, there is no right answer. It will very much depend on how much you are eating during that month. However, it is known statistically that people who go vegan tend to lose weight because of the following reasons:

  • They are still adapting to the lifestyle and don’t know what to eat, which leads to eating less.
  • They eat a lot more fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens which contain fewer calories. Their volume can be a lot, but they contain a lot fewer calories. Subbing your usual pizza on a Monday for a bowl of salad can reduce your calorie intake leading to weight loss.
  • Their reason to become vegan is to lose weight, which means they will put more effort into losing weight.

How much weight you lose in a month of being vegan will very much depend on your calorie deficit.
However, it is expected that you can lose anywhere between 6-8 pounds. Furthermore, your current weight and lifestyle can play a role in how much weight you lose.
If you are slightly overweight, you may even lose more weight.

What Happens When You Go Vegan For 1 Month?

One Month Vegan Weight Loss

There are a couple of changes that will occur in your first month as a vegan. It will all depend on how well you eat though. Getting the needed vitamins through your food is essential if you want to avoid any health-related issues.
The natural things that will happen are the following:

  • Bloating – Around 90% of all new vegans report bloating as a side effect of going vegan. However, this is absolutely normal. A vegan diet is typically high in fiber. Your body will settle down once your gut adapts to the new lifestyle.
  • More Energy/Less Energy – this will very much depend on how well you eat. If your body is missing nutrients, you will feel tired and fatigued. However, after vegans settle with their new diet, they report being a lot more energized.
  • Skin Glow/Acne – again depending on how well you eat. But, the majority of new vegans report after settling into their new diet that their skin has improved.
  • You Poop More – Vegan diet is high in fiber, making it easier for you to poop. It can be a very effective remedy if you struggle with constipation.
  • Make You Constipated – likewise, to make you poop more, too much fiber can also make you constipated. What happens is, that a blockage occurs, making passing stools a lot harder. However, this doesn’t happen as much, it’s more the other way around. It is important that you consume enough fiber nothing over the board, or too little. A fine balance is needed.

Do People Lose Weight Quickly On a Vegan Diet?

Typically, you can lose a lot of weight if you go cold turkey vegan without understanding how to manage this new lifestyle. You will end up only eating ‘safe’ foods that are typically low in calories, and not in large quantities.
New vegans struggle, it’s no secret. This typically results in weight loss. But, after new vegans settle into their new lifestyle, it gets easy, and most of them gain weight back.

When I went vegan, I lost 6 pounds in the first month. I didn’t know what I was doing, to be honest. I was eating a lot of vegetables and fruits that I knew were safe for vegans. But as time went on, I started cooking, learning, and finding my way of eating vegan.
I managed to regain the lost weight after about 2 months.

How Long After Becoming Vegan Will I Lose Weight?

How Long After Becoming Vegan Will I Lose Weight?

If your intention is to lose weight when you go vegan, then you will find that you will lose more weight than if you weren’t trying.
However, it is known that when people switch to a vegan diet, they do tend to use weight. But the amount can vary, and there is no fixed answer. It all depends on how much you eat. But, from my experience, I lost 6 pounds in a month.

Does Your Body Detox When You Go Vegan?

Absolutely it does. Your body will get rid of the excess cholesterol and sodium. This is only if you have a balanced vegan diet though, not if you follow a vegan junk food diet.
Furthermore, you will poop more, meaning you will get rid of the poop that tends to be a form of toxin anyway.

7-day Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan Free

weight loss meal plan

I created a free vegan weight loss meal plan that you can follow, that works. You have got a full selection of different recipes, from breakfast to dinner and snacks included.
If you follow this plan, you will be in a calorie deficit, which will bring weight loss.
Check the free plan here.

Why Am I Gaining Weight As a Vegan?

If you wondering why you have gained weight since becoming vegan, there is only one reason why – you are eating too much. You may not know it, but you are consuming too many calories.
The problem I see often is that new vegans tend to buy a lot of junk vegan food that has a vegan label on it. It’s convenient, it’s tasty. But these types of foods aren’t the healthiest, and they often contain a lot of calories.
If you want to slim up while being a vegan, I suggest you switch to a more whole-food plant-based diet, and get rid of the junk, or reduce it.


Veganism isn’t a fad diet that you just turn vegan and poof, you lose all the weight. This isn’t what veganism is about.
Yes, you can lose weight by going vegan, due to the nature of the diet (it consists of more greens, fruit, and veggies which are typically lower in calories) but that doesn’t mean you will achieve your dream body without trying.
I honestly don’t recommend that you become vegan just for the sake of losing weight, there is so much to veganism than just losing some extra pounds.

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