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Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds – All The Reasons

Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds - All The Reasons

Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds – all the reasons for you today! First and foremost, it’s always best that you consult with your doctor, I have just stated potential reasons on what might be the reasons, but I am not a doctor.

Saying that this article can be useful for you, and it may give you an idea of what you could be looking at, as the potential reason. So, let’s get to it!

Everyone looks at what they leave in the toilet after a rather eventful bowel movement. You can try to deny it, but we all do it and trust me, it is not all that weird.

Your bowel movements can tell you more about your health than you know, why do you think doctors often ask for samples, it’s not to add to a collection, it tells them a lot about your health! 

What Does It Mean When Your Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds?

So, what if your poop resembles coffee grounds or your poop looks like coffee beans? Well, it could mean a few things, but honestly, if you are worried it is best to speak to your doctor. 

If you get coffee ground poops, then you should also probably check your overall health too. 

“My Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds!”

Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds - All The Reasons

Note that if your poop is mushy, this is not necessarily coffee ground poops, but it can be similar, a mushy consistently usually means that you have an inflammation, however, it can also mean that you are a part way to having full-on diarrhea. 

What on earth have you been eating?

Black Poop That looks Like Coffee Grounds

Now, it is a general rule of thumb that black stool is a bad sign. Black is after all considered a dark and dangerous color! 

However, with poops, black poops can take on this color depending on your diet. For example, if you’ve ever slicked back a few too many jager bombs, you best believe your stools will be black the next day! 

That being said, if your stool looks like coffee grounds and is black it might be an idea to contact your doctor, as doctors do warn that it could be a sign of blood loss. Or at least that’s what MedicalNewsToday has to say on the subject!

It’s not always the case, but it is better to be safe than sorry! 

Poop That Looks Like Green Coffee Grounds

Poop That Looks Like Green Coffee Grounds

Green poops will usually be this color if you have been having a lot of green foods. Spinach and kale are notorious for giving you green poops. Coffee ground poops can be a cause for concern, but remember, what comes out will usually be affected by what has gone in. 

If you have deep green coffee ground poops, then you have probably had a lot of leafy green veg. So if you ate a whole bag of kale yesterday and suddenly your rear end looks like moldy coffee grounds, it’s because of all that kale! 

Poop Looks Like Brown Coffee Grounds

Your poops are naturally brown, so WOO! You have the right color! 

Coffee ground poops are not always a worry, you can have this type of stool for many reasons, but if your poops are brown there is no bleeding! Black is a sign of blood, if your stools are brown, you’re okay! 

When You Vomit Or Poop What Looks Like Coffee Grounds?

The only time we want you to be planning a trip to the ER is if you have coffee-ground-looking content coming out of BOTH ends. 

There can be many reasons for your bowels to be producing coffee ground-styled excrement, but if you’re shooting coffee ground-like substance out of the front and back ends, it’s time to see a doctor, NOW. 

This can be related to an ulcer, hemorrhoids, colitis, and more. This is what an educated individual tells us on

Poop Looks Like Coffee Grounds After Drinking Alcohol

I will let you in on a little secret. One time I had a few too many jager bombs, or at least I THINK they were jager bombs, and oh! The next day… 

Diarrhea that felt like I was pouring a spicy cup of coffee from my colon… Maybe a strong chai Americano. 

The thing is, it is not uncommon to get diarrhea when you have been out on the town and overindulged a little. 

However, if you’re a big drinker, and you often get what I think I will call ‘coffee butt’, maybe see the doctor, as you may have overdone it one time too many, and coffee butt might be a sign you’ve done some damage to your insides.  

Diarrhea Looks Like Coffee Grounds

Diarrhea Looks Like Coffee Grounds

Typically, diarrhea can look like many things, so do not always free, but if your diarrhea is discolored it is time to worry. Typically, if you have poop that looks like coffee grounds, medical professionals do suggest you seek immediate treatment. 

However, make sure it DOES look like coffee, and it’s not just typical diarrhea or a bit of a runny bum!

Is Coffee Ground Poop An Emergency?

Coffee ground poop can be due to eating food with dark pigmentation, however, it can also be from blood being present in your stools. 

It is best to know when coffee ground poops are worry-worthy.

Foods that can cause this include; black beans, leafy veg, iron-heavy foods, spices, tomatoes, and raspberries. 

However, there are also medical conditions that can do this too; colitis, hemorrhoids, gut bleeding, bleeding ulcers, and gastrointestinal cancers. 

Check your diet before you rush yourself to the ER!

Stomach Pain Coffee Ground Stool

toilet being flushed

Now, if you find that you have stomach pain and coffee ground poops, see a doctor, it’s unlikely a banana will give you stomach pain, so it is probably worth seeing a doctor to check if it is not one of the above medical issues!

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