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Should You Shave Before Or After Shower

Shaving is one of the banes of life. We don’t particularly enjoy doing so, but body hair can make us feel clammy, itchy, sweaty, and just gross overall. I know how you feel, it is such a pain, but waxing hurts, laser hair removal is expensive, and hair removal cream does not get all those pesky hairs. 

But how do you shave properly in the shower? Should you shave when you shower? Before you shower? Or after your shower? 

It is time for answers! Now, I will share with you the secrets I have learned. 

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower?

When you shave you should wet your skin with some warm water and cover the area you are shaving. Warm water opens up the pores which make it easier to pull out all of the hairs from your skin. 

But, do you shave before or after you do your hair and body wash? Hmm… questions, questions…

The truth is, it doesn’t matter, all you need to do is ensure that you use warm water to open up the pores in your skin and cover it completely. You also want to use shaving cream or soap. 

Should You Shave Your Face Before Or After A Shower?

What if you shave your face? Both men and women shave their faces. We all get a little hairy in places. The best part about shaving around when you shower is that it is efficient. The same applies to shaving your face as shaving any other part of your body. 

However, it is probably best to shave during your shower or after your shower. This way your body has already had plenty of contact with the water and you won’t need to worry about applying more. It’s already there, why waste it? 

It is probably best to shave at the end of your shower or just after however, as your pores will definitely be open providing you with a better, cleaner shave. But, it is up to you, you can shave beforehand but it will probably not be quite as good as shaving during or after your shower.

Electric Shave Before Or After A Shower?

If you are using an electric razor then things are different, you should shave before you shower. Electric razors are much more efficient on drier skin than wet skin. Even though you want your pores to be open, electric razors do work differently. 

So, for a manual razor, use it when wet, for an electric razor, keep everything dry and shave whenever the feeling takes you! 

Benefits Of Shaving Before Showering

Showering before your shower makes cleaning up easier, any stray hair clippings that might be all over your body will get swept away by the water during your shower. Otherwise, you would usually have to wash the area afterward or sweep yourself off. 

Shaving before your shower means you are going to have to go in the water anyway, so you do not have to worry about those stray hairs or rinse off after. It just makes it much easier. 

This is one of the pros about shaving before showering that shaving after a shower just doesn’t have. While shaving after showering does have its upsides, you do end up covered in hair. 

Personally, I would go with shaving mid-way through your shower. That way you reap the benefits of both! Although it is not ideal for everyone! 

Should You Shave Before Or After Shower

4 Tips For The Perfect Shave

  1. Always prepare before you shave. You should prep your skin for shaving so that the shave is as close and comfortable as you can get. Properly prepared skin won’t see any tiny stray hairs being missed, or will you get so many nicks or cuts! 
  2. Lather. Always lather. You need to use moisture-rich shaving cream to properly lubricate your skin and upgrade your routine. Not only does it provide a better shave but it makes your skin so silky smooth! 
  3. Think about exfoliation. Our skin is not forever, this is normal, we shed. However, not properly exfoliating can lead to a poor shave, a higher chance of ingrown hairs, and general discomfort. Try to exfoliate regularly. 
  4. While soap works well for shaving, use shaving cream instead, that is what it is meant for and it does your skin better. 


Should You Shave Before Or After Exercise?

A post-workout shave will always be better. Why? Your body is hot after a workout, so your pores are open. If you do not have a shower nearby, then shaving after a workout is the next best thing for your pores. 

Should You Water The Areas You Want To Shave?

Always water the areas you are going to shave unless you use an electric razor. It is better for your skin and helps you get a closer shave. 


it’s important that you open the pores of the skin before shaving. This is typically achieved by applying warm water.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should shower first before shaving, it can be as simple as just wetting the area and applying the shaving cream.
However, if you are shaving with an electric razor, keep the skin dry.

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