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Spiced Black Bean Soup

Spiced Black Bean Soup
This Spiced Black Bean Soup is perfect for the cold weather!
it’s filling and nutritious!
Serve this Spiced Black Bean Soup with bread of your choice and diced avocado cubes for a complete healthy meal!

Beans are healthy food to include in your diet; they are full of vitamins and are a good source of plant-based protein.
if you would like to know more about the health benefits of beans, read our article – Why You Should Eat More Beans

Serves 3-4

2 tins of black beans

3 ribs of celery

1 medium-sized red onion

2 medium-sized carrots

1 medium-sized diced red chili

3 cloves of garlic

600ml of vegetable stock

1 tablespoon of cumin

salt to taste

chopped fresh parsley ( optional )
diced avocado to serve ( optional )

1. Chop up the cellery, carrots, and onion and sweat them in a deep pan with some oil.
Mince the garlic, or finely chop it and add it to the veg pan with the cumin and with the diced chili.
Cook for 1 more minute.

2. Add the tinned beans with their liquid and the stock to the pan. Reduce the heat, and simmer gently for about 20 minutes.

3. Season to taste, then transfer 90% of all the soup in a blender and blend until creamy, or until the desired consistency. Add it back to the pan with the chunky bits and mix.
Serve with chopped parsley and diced avocado cubes ( optional ).


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