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Stuffed Dates With Nut Butter

Stuffed Dates With Nut Butter

These Stuffed Dates With Nut Butter are so yummy and quick to make!
Dates can be beneficial to your health if eaten in moderation. They are a quick energy booster and can be a healthy substitute for sugar.
You can learn more about the benefits of dates here.

Try this super quick and satisfying snack:
All you need is 2 ingredients:

– Dates
– Nut butter, like peanut butter and almond butter.

All you have to do to make these Stuffed Dates With Nut Butter is to simply open the dates and literally just stuff them with your desired filling. They are so easy to pack and carry around.

If you don’t have any nut butter in your cupboard at the moment you could just stuff them with whole pieces of walnuts,  almonds, or even dark chocolate. Or if you would like to go the extra mile and make your own, just click on “How to make nut butter”

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