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The Importance Of Snacking

The Importance Of Snacking

The Importance Of Snacking between meals is an important part of your healthy diet and a good way of avoiding overeating.

Healthy snacking improves overall health, curbs cravings, regulates mood, boosts brainpower and gives you the energy you need to keep going all day.

The Importance Of Snacking between meals is so that you keep your blood sugar levels in check, and you don’t end up overeating on your next meal.
So instead of having 3 large meals a day, try eating several small ones. In this way, you won’t feel bloated, or sleepy.

If you snack every two hours or so, it will keep you satisfied, and most importantly it will help you stop feeling impatient and hungry until your next meal.

The Importance Of Snacking

Getting “hangry” will lead you to indulge in large, normally unhealthy amounts of food, simply because you will get irritatable and will be less likely to stick to the “program”.

What I am trying to do here, is change your mindset, because I understand the psychology behind wanting food, and the comfort and pleasure it gives us. So We are trying to curb cravings, and indulge into little healthy snacks quite frequently so we stay satisfied.

We all know the feeling of finishing a nice meal, we want to get back to the taste, we want the comfort and the pleasure back, so we want to eat more, and normally we would go for something sweet, or for a refill.

But, having a smaller meal, and then saying to yourself “oh, I will snack again in an hour” will stop you eating now, and will help you forget the meal you just had because you can focus on what’s next, which won’t be very long. And by having a smaller meal, rather than a large one, will save you eating too many calories without even realizing it.

Say for instance you normally have lunch worth around 1,000 calories, if you take away 400 calories and split them into 2 snacks, that will not only help your stomach digest easily, but you will also have a chance to add more different foods with different nutrients to your diet.
And it just generally stretches up the day, so you don’t end up waiting several hours until your next big meal.

I would suggest making lunch a bit bigger than a snack portion, but not more than 600 calories.

For me personally, putting time and effort into making my own food, or batch cooking if you will, helped me stick to the already pre-planned meals.

Because if you spend 3 hours on Sunday cooking your food ahead for the week, you will be less likely to get tempted to buy unhealthy food or a takeaway.

Bringing lunch at work and a couple of healthy snacks is definitely a good start to eating healthy.

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