The Person And The Reason Behind VegeVega

Hello there!

My name is Elena I am a professional chef.  I love to cook and eat healthily.
I am also a huge foodie, I love to experiment and try new foods, new cuisines, and ideas (like pineapple on pizza 😀 )
I have been a chef for 5 years, and I have learned quite a lot from the industry, and I will be applying my knowledge in creating delicious recipes in this blog.

I have been through a few eating disorders, and the biggest cure for me was eating a balanced diet, meaning eating healthy,  and eating junk food (aka balance).
I do tend to eat about 80% of the time healthy food, but I always make sure that I do not restrict or over-obsess with eating healthy because this is an eating disorder trait.

So – I decided to create this blog to help people eat/cook delicious healthier food and live a healthier life. I believe that the plant-based diet is the healthiest diet, the most sustainable, and non-cruel diet. – so I create recipes for Vegans, made healthier and delicious.

You can definitely make healthy vegan food taste delicious and I am here to prove that to you.
Saying that, in this blog,  you will also find less healthier recipes, this is purely due to the fact that it’s important that we have balance in life, eating healthy is great, but eating healthy 100% of the time is not as healthy as you might think. Balance is key, so if you see me eating cake, you will know why 😉

Reasons To Eat Healthy:

“Our bodies, they are our homes,
So take care of your homes!

There are hundreds of reasons why eating healthy is good for you and for the environment.
Let’s start with the health benefits.

You will sleep better, feel better (feel less tired) have more energy, and you may not know it, but eating healthy and loading up on veggies can reverse so many diseases, and keep your immune system in check!
But remember, balance is key, yes eating healthy can certainly benefit you in many ways but don’t sort out one problem and end up creating another like an eating disorder. Eat your cake, and eat your veggies 😉

I have split my site into these 4 categories:

1. Recipes Page

2. A Weight Loss Page

3. A Healthy Living Page

4. Vegan Guides

Where I was Featured + Other Work I do:

I host cooking classes with companies that try to promote wellness and healthy eating among their employees.
My most recent one was with –  pixeltoys.com

Places I was featured in:




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