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Tips On How To Shop For The Best Fresh Produce In Stores

Tips On How To Shop For The Best Fresh Produce In Stores

So today I will be giving you Tips On How To Shop For The Best Fresh Produce In Stores.
We have all been there – you buy a pack of strawberries from the shop, and then when you start eating them you quickly realize you are not eating a strawberry but a tasteless bland watery thing.

That all comes down to selecting the best time to purchase certain fresh produce, and unfortunately in many cases be happy to pay a bit extra to get it!

So I am going to give you a couple of tips on different fresh produce, and how to get them at their best when you go shopping for them:

How to select the best fresh produce:

Tips On How To Shop For The Best Fresh Produce In Stores

Now, that’s a big one for me, because I grew up as a kid walking in my grandmother’s garden picking her own grown tomatoes, and I can tell you they were the best, and no supermarket can give you that experience…BUT!

SO, when you go for a hunt for tomatoes (good quality tomatoes, or any vegetable fruit) do this:

1. SMELL! Weird, I know, but if you pick tomatoes (or in that case the packet) it should smell very TOMATOEY! ( funny I know, but trust me! 😀 ) If the tomatoes you smell doesn’t have that unique tomatoey smell, it’s very likely you are going to end up plastic watery-thing again just like the strawberries.

2. Shop in season! That’s very important! I know that it’s fantastic and smart to have all sorts of fresh produce available throughout the whole year…but if you think about it, where does this tomato comes from in the winter? How much did it have to travel, with what they have had to spray it and shine it to look perfect so you can buy it?
This goes for every single fresh produce you buy. The more you buy that’s in season, the greater the chance is that it will be the best and tastiest you can get.

3. Sometimes, you have to pay a little bit more for better taste and quality.
Obviously, if you buy organic, GMO-Free, etc….you are very likely to get better quality and taste. But of course, it comes at a price. It can cost you a bit more.
There is a tactic you can use though if you have the time, go to local Famer’s markets or buy from local people and shops. They are almost 100% guaranteed that they farm organic produce and are most of the time CHEAPER than the fresh produce in the stores!

4. Cook the fresh produce smartly, and make sure you cook them quickly or eat them quickly!
But cooking the fresh produce in a smart way, I mean don’t boil them to death. The more you cook them, the more you kill their nutrients. If you buy fresh fruit, eat them as quickly as possible, as the longer, you keep them, again the more they will lose their vitamins, etc.

5. And of course, the best option is to grow your own! Only then you can get 100% of the quality, value, and taste. So why not plant some tomatoes!

So, these are my Tips On How To Shop For The Best Fresh Produce In Stores.
Let me know how you guys shop, and what tricks you use to buy the best quality!

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