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8 Best Vegan Croissants Recipes (Step-By-Step Included)

Vegan Croissants! Some believe it’s a myth, and it’s totally impossible to have a vegan-made croissant..but! it’s far from a myth, you CAN have vegan-friendly croissants.
To be honest, these days, you can pretty much find/make a vegan version of anything…even croissants!

What better way to start your day, than with a croissant for breakfast?

Best Vegan Croissants Recipes (Step-By-Step Included)

Can Vegans Have Croissants?

Vegans cannot have traditionally-made croissants, however, they can eat specially-made vegan-friendly croissants.
The problem with traditionally made croissants is often the use of dairy butter.
Some shop-bought croissants that are not made the traditional way, tend to use cheap vegetable spreads instead of butter, however, they tend to use milk in the process, which makes them unsuitable for vegan consumption.

Are Vegan Croissants Dairy Free?

Vegan are croissants are dairy-free. If they contained dairy, they wouldn’t be considered vegan.
A kind of fat is used to replace butter, it’s typically made from plants and seeds.

vegan croissant

What Are Vegan Croissants Made Of?

The way vegan croissants are made varies, depending on if you are buying them, who is the manufacturer, and if you are making them yourself, the ingredients tend to be better.
Here are the typical ingredients for homemade vegan croissants:

Yeast, water, bread flour, sugar, salt, vegan butter, dairy-free milk, and syrups.

Pretty clean for a vegan croissant, however, when you buy a vegan croissant, especially from the grocery shop, the ingredients tend to be a lot more:

Wheat Flour (51%), Water, Shea Fat (11.5%), Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Leaven (3.4%) (Water, Wheat Flour (1.5%), Rye Flour, Yeast), Yeast, Salt, Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Natural Flavourings, Wheat Gluten, Vegetable Proteins (0.2%) (from Pea), Colour: Carotenes, Antioxidant: Acerola Extract.

Where To Buy Vegan Croissants

Photo @Pret a Manger

If you haven’t got time to make your own vegan croissants, thankfully there is also the option to buy them ready-made for you.
There are some places that sell delicious vegan croissants, so here’s the list:

  • Pret a Manger (Available At Tesco & Sainsbury’s)
  • La Boulangere Vegan Croissants (Available At Tesco, Asda & Sainsbury’s)
  • Delfrance Ve Croissants (Available  At Waitrose & Partners)
  • Aldi
  • Plant Pioneers Vegan Croissants (Available  At Sainsbury’s)
  • Whole Foods

Many cafes and shops now offer vegan croissants too, such as Cafe Nero (their Raspberry Croissant), and Costa Coffee also offers Strawberry Vegan Croissants.

The Best Vegan Croissant Recipes:

As we have just seen based on grocery-bought croissants compared to homemade, homemade seems to have much fewer ingredients, and are somewhat healthier, not to mention tastier too.
So, here’s an array of incredible vegan croissant recipes:

1. Vegan Croissants – 3 Ways

Now, the reason why I like this one is that it has a step-by-step explanation of how to make vegan croissants.
Furthermore, there are 3 different ways to make them, which can suit whatever you are looking for.

2. Homemade Fluffy Vegan Croissants

This recipe is made almost in a classic way, but of course, without animal ingredients.
The lamination and the whole shebang are done, to achieve the most perfect croissants.

3. Vegan Almond Croissants

Almond croissants have got to be my favorite, the next favorite is chocolate-filled croissants.
if you like almonds and sweet croissants, almond croissants are a must!

4. Strawberry Vegan Croissant Twist

This is a lovely twist on the classic croissant. It contains beautiful notes of strawberry, and the method is quite simple to follow!

5. Vegan Chocolate Croissants

These vegan croissants are filled with chocolate and are made super super easy!
It only asks for a handful of ingredients! You gotta make those vegan croissants if you like chocolate!

6. Vegan Mini Croissants

The reason I like this recipe is because if you are someone who is in a rush, you are not required to make your own vegan puff pastry.
The recipe asks for 3 ingredients only, and really are totally fuss-free!

7.  Vegan Cruffins

If you haven’t heard of cruffins before, oh boy, you are missing out! Cruffins is basically a mix between a muffin and a croissant, but it’s seriously good.
So, here’s a vegan cruffin recipe!

8. Vegan Croissants With Homemade Vegan Puff Pastry

This recipe goes all the way! It has step-by-step images along with instructions on making your own vegan puff pastry, and then the steps to making the croissants.
If you want to make proper vegan croissants, you will need to invest time, however, the result is absolutely incredible. This recipe can help you make croissants from scratch.

Best Vegan Croissants Recipes (Step-By-Step Included)

8 Best Vegan Croissants Recipes (Step-By-Step Included)

Vegan Croissants! Some believe it's a myth, and it's totally impossible to have a vegan-made croissant..but! it's far from a myth, you CAN have vegan-friendly croissants.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine French
Servings 8


  • Vegan Croissants - 3 Ways Recipe Here
  • Homemade Fluffy Vegan Croissants Recipe Here
  • Vegan Almond Croissants Recipe Here
  • Strawberry Vegan Croissant Twist Recipe Here
  • Vegan Chocolate Croissants Recipe Here
  • Vegan Mini Croissants Recipe Here
  • Vegan Cruffins Recipe Here
  • Vegan Croissants With Homemade Vegan Puff Pastry Recipe Here


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  • Follow the recipes instructions.
  • I hope you enjoy the recipes - and do not forget to leave a review!


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