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Vegan Leather Wallets Reviewed By a Vegan

Vegan Leather Wallets Reviewed By a Vegan

Vegan leather wallets reviewed by a vegan – a vegan that has a collection of vegan wallets because I absolutely love them!

What a wonderful world we live in, where vegan wallets are a commonplace thing. Are you shocked? Vegan wallets? Yes. Vegan wallets. 

A lot of high-end wallets these days are made with real animal leather, but the ones that are vegan are made with faux leather, making them not animal-product and vegan. 

With the world becoming more vegan friendly, more and more brands are bringing out vegan product lines. I don’t know about you, but this is one of the best things I’ve found about living in the 21st Century 

Best Vegan Leather Wallets

So, what are the best vegan wallet brands, and where can you get a decent vegan wallet? There are a few places you can seek out a good vegan wallet these days. 

Yet, I must say that of all the major brands that sell vegan wallets, the one place I have seen that is rife with plenty of vegan wallet options for us all is

Etsy is an online store for independent creators. So, if you do not feel like backing up a company that is not 100% vegan, you can give your money to an independent seller that exclusively makes vegan wallets on Etsy. 

Helping out the world and mother nature, while also helping out an independent business! 

Having said this, it’s time to look at the brands! 

Womens Vegan Leather Wallets

Vegan Leather Wallets Reviewed By a Vegan

So, what about vegan leather wallets for women? Well, one seller I looked at was Wolf & Badger. They have a whole host of vegan leather wallets, ranging from unique purses to big cardholders. Their prices range as well. 

Their wallets are available in the UK, and they are all from independent designers too in many styles, so you get your pick. It is a good place to get designer leather wallets for women as a vegan! It’s the perfect retailer to find a luxury vegan wallet womens style.

Vegan Leather Wallets For Men

Vegan Leather Wallets For Men

Watson Wolfe is a great retailer for vegan wallets for men. Their wallets are cruelty-free and low impact. What is great is the range of styles they offer you in their products, with different styles in different colors! 

Need a wallet with a chain and clasp? They have you covered. My favorite has to be their Trifold Wallet with a keychain in black!

Vegan Leather Wallets Men With Snap Close

It’s weird how much I have struggled to find a decent faux leather wallet with a snap close. Do companies think vegans do not need to close their wallets? I… I don’t know. 

Anyway, one I did find was this little beauty on It is not the most traditional wallet, but it has room for ALL of your cards and more, but my favorite thing is how sleek the design is. It is just enough. Remember, sometimes less is more. 

This one also makes for a good vegan minimalist wallet.

Hently Vegan Leather Wallets

Hently Vegan Leather Wallets

Hently’s online store is a bit awkward, to be honest. They specialize in leather materials, you can customize your wallets with Hently, though. However, I cannot find anything specific about Hently telling you they are vegan or even do vegan products. 

So… I would not fully trust them. Also, their prices scream real leather. 

Vegan Wallet With Coin Pocket

wallet with coins

As much as we only use cards now, sometimes you need to carry coins. Not every parking meter will take a card, some need coins, so having a coin pocket is well worth it. Corkors Cork wallet for vegan women is the best though.

It is easier to find a wallet with a coin pocket in women’s wallets though, but out of all of them, this is my favorite, not for really any other reason than the fact it is made from cork. 

Corkor really said, “Vegan? We will not even use faux leather, let’s use cork!” It’s quite unique and unusual, and I love it! 

Vegan Purse Wallet

Vegan Purse Wallet

If you need a purse, Whistler Tree in the UK is the best, and this one is the cutest of all. It is made from 100% cork leather and is small and practical, the inside is cotton, and it even includes RFID blocking too!  

It also has a coin pocket as well if you didn’t quite vibe with our above choice! 

Furthermore, it is not only vegan and eco-friendly though, it is also durable and resistant to scratches and stains! Not to mention, fire-resistant (I don’t know why you would need a fire-resistant wallet, but if you need one…) and antibacterial, to keep the covid ick away! 

What Is A Vegan Leather Wallet?

What are vegan wallets made of? Well, vegan wallets can be made with faux leather, and usually are, however, we are also seeing more and more vegan wallets made from cork. As weird as it may seem, cork is actually not a bad choice, and its properties are longer-lasting and more sustainable. 

Why is this important?

There is a high chance a cork wallet will last you longer than a faux leather wallet, sure it might not be as glam, but when we are thinking about the environment, sustainability and a wallet that lasts longer is more important! 

Are Herschel Wallets Vegan?

Herschel is a big brand, so if you do not fancy a cork wallet and have your heart set on a designer vegan wallet, Herschel does have a whole range of vegan wallets, they are made from polyester, for the most part, giving it that faux leather look. 

A lot of their wallets are also unisex, so there is none of that faf about if it’s for him and her, which I like!

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