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12 Best Vegan Miso Recipes

Who doesn’t like a good miso soup? Japanese swear by this stuff…so, today I have put together a list of the best vegan miso recipes out there to get you inspired.
Oh, and some info as well!

Best Vegan Miso Recipes

So, What Is Miso?

Miso is a fermented Japanese soy food made using the special koji fermentation culture and different types of grains.
In case you didn’t know – Miso means ‘fermented beans’ in Japanese. In Japan, people begin their day with a bowl of miso soup, it is believed to stimulate digestion and energize the body. A traditional ingredient in Japanese and Chinese diets, miso paste is made from fermented soybeans and grains and contains millions of beneficial bacteria. There are hundreds of different types of miso and different versions are linked with regional cuisines, identities, and flavors.

Soy products are widely produced from genetically modified (GM) soybeans. Make sure you buy only organic miso. The label will also indicate if the miso is gluten-free.

How Do You Use It?

Best Vegan Miso Recipes

You have probably eaten/heard of miso soup. That’s the most popular way of using miso.

I like to use miso in a lot of my recipes.
Note – miso is quite salty, so when I use miso, I do not add additional salt to my dishes. Basically, miso can also act as a seasoning for your food.

I like to use miso in my:

1. Dressings
2. Soups/Ramens
3. In Hummus
4. In my pasta sauce

I found that miso pairs really well with tahini, also, when you are making vegan cheese, it works really well in providing the saltiness in your vegan cheese.
Miso is also used in ice creams! You might think it’s weird, but it actually works, especially if you are an adventurous foodie!

Health Benefits Of Miso

Miso is rich in some essential minerals and a good source of various B vitamins, vitamins E, K, and folic acid. As a fermented food, miso provides the gut with beneficial bacteria. Good gut health is known to be linked to our overall mental and physical wellness.

Miso acts like a digestive tonic, and once established in the intestine, the acid-loving bacteria found in abundance in unpasteurized miso promote health and stamina.

Beneficial bacteria found in the small intestine are also effective in fighting conditions such as constipation, yeast infections (candidiasis), and lactose intolerance. New research is also beginning to suggest that some friendly bacteria strains may combat more serious diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer.

Miso is a nourishing, high-energy whole food that can help maintain health and vitality. Centuries of Japanese folklore and recent scientific studies have both shown that miso is a powerful health food and a concentrated source of essential nutrients.

Different Types Of Miso

1. Saikyo – a white miso
2. Awasemiso – is a blend of white and red miso
3. Shiromiso – is a light yellow or brown miso
4. Shinshu  – is yellow miso, is saltier than any other varieties
5. Akamiso  – is red miso, and it has quite a strong flavor
6. Mugimiso  –  is brown miso with sweet notes
7. Genmai  – another brown miso, similar to Mugimiso
8. Hatchomiso  – is dark brown miso. It’s made purely with soybeans. it has a smoky flavor.

Best Vegan Miso Recipes

Now, let’s list some of the best miso recipes to get make you hungry!

1. Miso Tofu Noodles

Tofu and noodles work so well together. Combined with miso? – Even better.
This is the ultimate vegan comfort food made with high-protein tofu and a generous amount of miso.

2. Quick and Easy Vegan Miso Noodles

Another Noodle recipe for you, but this time without the tofu, but with the protein of choice.
This recipe is INCREDIBLY simple and easy to make. So, if you are in a rush, make this recipe!

3. Vegan Miso Soup

Okay, now it’s time for a good classic. Miso soup!
This recipe is simple and easy to follow, and the recipe only asks for several ingredients that will turn your recipe into the perfect miso soup!

4. Vegan Miso Tofu Steaks

Oh yes! Steaks…but made vegan of course. As I mentioned earlier, miso works great as glazes and marinates for all sorts of things.
So, if you are vegan…love miso, and want to have a steak – well this recipe is for you!

5. Vegan Miso Mushroom & Spinach Pasta

If you thought that miso and pasta don’t work together, well, I am here to prove you wrong my friend.
Misto and pasta work VERY well together. Don’t believe me? Try this recipe, and then come back to me!

6. Vegan Miso Ramen

You heard me right – VEGAN RAMEN made with miso of course.
If you have ever tried ramen, you will know how freaking delicious it is. If it’s cold right now where you live, and you have a small jar of miso to use up, make ramen right now.

7. Nutritious Miso & Noodle Salad

Okay, something more refreshing and nutritious for you.
This salad comes out in 25 minutes, making it perfect for a busy weekday dinner, and any leftovers can go in the box for lunch the next day!

8. Miso Soup With Noodles & Veggies

Another miso soup, but this one has got a bit more going on. It has plenty of veggies and some noodles.
You end up with a miso broth combined with filling noodles and veggies for the ultimate dinner.

9.  Authentic Vegan Miso Soup

Okay… We are not quite done with miso… this is another miso soup but done as authentic as possible.
if you like soups, and you want to get to the real thing as close as possible by being vegan, try this soup!

10. Buddha Bowl With Miso Dressing

A refreshing super bowl salad, that packs a punch with the thick miso dressing.
if you are on a healthy eating journey, then this recipe is a must!

11. Super Quick Miso & Red Cabbage Salad

Okay, so this on its own isn’t a meal, but it’s a perfect side dish to serve alongside your main meal, whatever it may be!
This crispy cabbage salad comes out in under 15 minutes!

12. Miso Hummus

Ummm… Did hummus make with miso? No thank you…hold that though, yes please is what you should say because this hummus is EPIC.
Yes, it’s certainly different, but it is so tasty and packs a really unique umami flavor.

What Is Miso And How To Use It

12 Best Vegan Miso Recipes

Irresitable selection of vegan recipes made with miso. They are all easy to make, and are guranteed to satisfy you!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 12


  • Miso Tofu Noodles Recipe Here
  • Quick and Easy Vegan Miso Noodles Recipe Here
  • Vegan Miso Soup Recipe Here
  • Vegan Miso Tofu Steaks Recipe Here
  • Vegan Miso Mushroom & Spinach Pasta Recipe Here
  • Vegan Miso Ramen Recipe Here
  • Nutritious Miso & Noodle Salad Recipe Here
  • Miso Soup With Noodles & Veggies Recipe Here
  • Authentic Vegan Miso Soup Recipe Here
  • Buddha Bowl With Miso Dressing Recipe Here
  • Super Quick Miso & Red Cabbage Salad Recipe Here
  • Miso Hummus Recipe Here


  • Choose a recipe from the list provided above.
  • Cook the recipe.
  • And Enjoy!


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