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Best Vegan Options At PF Chang’s Listed

PF Chang’s Bistro is one of America’s most famous Asian-themed US-based restaurants. So far there are at least 219 locations for PF Changs in the United States, but their HQ is in Arizona. 

As you could expect with a majority of Asian restaurants, they do have quite a decent selection for vegan-friendly menu items, but it is not a totally vegan-friendly establishment, or in better terms, it is not wholly vegan or veggie. 

Vegan Options At PF Chang's

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Today I want to walk you through their 9 best options so that you know what you can have. Do not skip on the end though, as I am making sure to include a list of their menu items that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. These dishes may seem vegan, but in truth, they are not. 

Know that the dishes I mention have been stated as being vegan by PF Changs allergen guide and PETA, however, it has been stated that PF Changs does use non-vegan sugar in stir-fried dishes, so be sure to pay attention to this. 

If this is the case for you, the only safe option at PF Changs for a vegan stir fry would be the Buddha’s Feast.

#1. Edamame Beans

The most simple but classic when it comes to Asian sides. Edamame beans with sea salting, this is old and reliable but is totally delicious anyway. These beans are steamed to order and are 100% vegan.

#2. Sichuan-Style Asparagus

Their asparagus is prepared in a very similar way to their green beans, and are divine. This dish at PF Chang’s is cooked with garlic in a red chili paste, as well as sliced onion and Sichuan preserves. Yummy! 

#3. Chili Garlic Green Beans

The green beans are not too dissimilar from their asparagus, they are cooked in a red hot fiery chili sauce with some Sichuan preserves and fresh garlic

#4. Eggplant (Stir-Fried)

Vegan Options At PF Chang's

Photo credit @PfChangs

If you like eggplant then you will love this dish. It is a stir-fried eggplant that is cooked in a gorgeous soy sweet chili glaze with garlic and green onions, it is the perfect melding of all flavors! 

#5. Wok’d Spinach With Garlic

Spinach is a delicious superfood, and this dish is perfectly simple. At PF Chang’s you can get this delicious dish just as you would imagine. It comes with fresh spinach leaves, chopped with garlic, and cooked in a wok. 

#6. Buddha’s Feast (Available Stir-Fried Or Steamed)

Photo credit @PfChangs

Much like the name would imply, this is a dish that is meant to feed the hungry Buddha in your belly. It is made with 5-spiced tofu, with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, and broccoli in a delicious savory sauce! 

#7. White & Brown Steamed Rice

It may be basic, but you can never beat a good bowl of rice and both the white and brown steamed rice is vegan friendly when you dine at PF Chang’s.

#8. Thai Harvest Curry

This is probably the most complex vegan dish that PF Chang’s has. It has five-spice tofu, with rustic vegetables, Asian mushrooms, and butternut squash all in a red curry broth with gorgeous Fresno peppers just to add that perfect delicate kick. 

#9. Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap

I cannot deny, this one is my favorite. PF Chang’s lettuce wrap is made with a secret family recipe, and it is also the restaurant chain’s signature dish too. This dish contains tofu, mint, green onion, crispy rice sticks, and water chestnuts. 

It is the perfect meal if you want something hearty but different, and very unique. 

How Much Of Their Menu Is Not Vegan?

Vegan Options At PF Chang's

Photo credit @PfChangs

PF Chang’s menu is a bit weird, it is great, but it is weird. Why? Because it has quite a few items on the menu that look vegan on a surface level, but they include egg, milk, or seafood. 

So, sadly, in case you thought you would try any of these seemingly tasty treats, I am here to warn you, they are not vegan!!

! Cauliflower Tempura (Contains: Egg, milk, shellfish, and fish).

! Crispy Green Beans (Contains: Egg).

! Wok Charred Brussels Sprouts (Contains: Fish, egg, shellfish).

! Vegetable Spring Rolls (Contains: Milk, shellfish, egg).

! Crispy Avocado Rolls (Contains: Shellfish, egg, milk).


As you can see, PF Chang’s does have a fair few options for vegans for you to choose between. They have options going from their traditional edamame beans to a complex curry or a meal to satiate you! 

If you do not like eggplant or tofu, though, you may be a bit stuck, as these two foods tend to make up a lot of the menu for vegans.


fried rice

Is The Lo Mein Vegan At PF Changs?

The Lo Mein at PF Changs is vegetarian but is not considered vegan sadly as it may contain dairy and eggs.

Is PF Chang’s Tofu Vegan?

The Mapo Tofu at PF Changs is vegan.

Is PF Chang’s Fried Rice Vegan?

The fried rice at PF Changs is not vegan as it contains shellfish, eggs, and milk. Their steamed rice, however, is vegan.

Are The Lettuce Wraps At PF Chang’s Vegan?

The information signature lettuce wraps at PF Changs are indeed vegan! 

Are PF Chang’s Vegan Options Expensive?

The PF Chang’s vegan options cost about the same as the rest of the PF Changs. Ranging from $5 to $20 on average.

Does PF Changs Have Vegan Gluten-Free Options?

The best vegan gluten-free option at PF Changs is the Chang’s Lettuce Wraps.


Next time you find yourself at PF Changs, you will know that you won’t leave hungry!
There are some nice vegan options that you can order there as a vegan.

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