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Best Vegan Restaurants In Denver Colorado Tested By a Vegan

No matter where you are, you want to have a wide enough range of vegan food to keep you satiated and satisfied. In Denver you should have no worries about this, vegan restaurants are plentiful, and they are usually very eclectic too.

In Denver, you can enjoy vegan Cubano, chicken and waffles, a Ho-Ho cupcake, and even a sunflower risotto and that is just in one day of dining. 

If you enjoy traveling to get a great food experience, Denver is a great place to start off with. A week in Denver gives you just enough time to skim the surface of their vegan food market. 

I decided that I needed to share with you some of the epic vegan eateries you will find should you go to Denver. No matter your favorite cuisine, whether you are a fussy vegan or open-minded, there will be options for you, whether you are a breakfast eater or if you prefer brunch

There is something for every vegan in Denver. 

Now… Where to start? 

Vegan Restaurants In Denver

Best Vegan Restaurants In Denver

Let’s get started with the vegan restaurants and their tasty treats to give you an idea of what awaits you in this city of grub.

Bang Up To The Elephant

Bang Up to the Elephant is a vegan restaurant, and then some. It could almost be seen as an attitude. It is a hangout space, 6,000 sq./ft of space that is fitted with cedar plank-made booths, an 8ft fountain to greet you, multi-colored paneled walls, 800 or more tropical plants, and a Caribbean-inspired mural outside. 

Let us not forget their food! 

Their Mofongo, Seitan Cubano, Stuffed Roti, and Coconut bread make for an amazing selection, and that’s just part of it, there is more too. Don’t forget to try out their cocktail and mocktail list as well! 

Opening Hours:  

Mon, Wed-Fri: 4pm-9pm

Sat-Sun: 3pm-9pm.


Somebody People

Vegan Restaurants In Denver

So many of us make messy sandwiches, stir-fries, or casseroles just to use up what’s left in the fridge, or whatever is left over from last week. It is not all that glamorous, however, Somebody People took this concept and just… Ran with it. 

Leftovers are a luxury here, they even offer a multiple-course meal for Sundays made with produce that went unused last week. Since they have a 0-waste initiative, this technique ensures you know they are actually trying to impact the planet. 

They are only open for dinners and weekend brunches sadly. 

Do note that their menu is a vegetable-forward Mediterranean cuisine. If you do visit, don’t leave reusable containers at the hotel, bring your own, as the owners expect you to bring your own so you can take your leftovers home. 

Opening Hours:  

Tue-Thur: 5pm-9pm,

Fri-Sat: 4pm-10pm, 

Sun: 4pm-9pm. 



Piante Pizzeria

Sick of fast food Pizza places never doing enough for vegans? Me too! Luckily in Denver Piante Pizzeria is there. 

All their Pizzas are 100% homemade on double 0 crust, meaning it is also low in gluten, with a topping of cashew cheese made in-house, with plant-based meats, as well as veg, all put together and cooked gorgeously in a wood-fire oven. 

The best thing about this place is that even if you have really specific allergies, you can appreciate their menu, since it has clear icons dictating what is in a dish, be it soy, gluten, or nuts! 

Oh… And it is totally 100% vegan! 

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Thu: 4pm-8pm,

Fri-Sat: 12pm-9pm,

Sun: 12pm-8pm


Watercourse Foods

This place is a must-see for any vegan visiting Denver. They opened up shop back in ‘98 as a veggie restaurant, but the 2010s saw them switch to veganism, so they actually consider themselves the first vegan eatery to exist in Denver. 

They are found in the very center of Denver. They are known for plant-based, handmade deli proteins, and cheese, as well as vegan comfort foods. 

Get there with a real hunger in your belly and you can load up on Seiten Wings, Carrot lox Toast, Loaded Truffle Fries, Chorizo & Grits, and more. Look at their plant-based meats, such as their Brie/ Cuban sandwiches, and Smoked Turkey. 

If you want something lighter check out their House Soda Float. This one is to die for! 

Opening Hours: 

8am-10pm every day


Meta Burger 

Don’t get me wrong, vegan burgers are everywhere. They are often a go-to for non-vegan diners, to get a vegan option on the menu. However, it is not easy to find a GOOD vegan burger, and that is why I found Meta Burger. 

If you want a good, quality vegan burger, this is the place. 

Journey to the very South end of Denver to grab a bite from this place. Look at a selection of 8 burgers, 6 sandwiches, 6 shakes, and 6 sides, or if you fancy it, utilize the ‘build-your-own-burger’ option to craft the ideal vegan burger for you! 

The team who works at this establishment wants to expand one day, making plant-based foods more accessible to everyone everywhere. Their goal is to open up in more locations, in cities and states where there are not so many vegan options, and in areas that are not necessarily all that vegan-friendly. 

That is probably the number 1 reason why I like this place so much! 

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm,

Sun: 11am-4pm.


Food Trucks & Pop-Ups

Don’t stop there, food needn’t be stationary! Whatever made you think that? Food trucks and pop-ups are awesome and are always on the move, just make sure you keep up to date with their location and opening times on their sites. As these places move, these will often change! 

WongWayVeg: This is a female-owned, homemade vegan comfort food traveling truck that uses locally grown seasonal foods that are inspired by different foods around the world. These caterers are also really well-known for making epic desserts and gorgeous treat boxes! Yum! 

VeganVan: This truck is a tasty comfort food truck that has a menu that rotates through indulgent foods such as crunch wraps, corn dogs, and breakfast burritos. 

Mu Denver: This place is a 100% vegan food truck that has a seasonal Asian fusion menu that includes epic favorites such as gyoza, ramen, popcorn tofu, Banh Mi, and so much more. It’s a vegan taste of something different. 

The Easy vegan: This is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated vegan pop-up company that you will find at Denver food markets. They change things up a lot, so find out where they are and when they are and see what they are doing today! 

Vegan Breakfast Denver

Want a good vegan breakfast? Well, it’s going to have to be at the MoxieEatery! 

Moxie Eatery

Moxie Eatery is a gorgeous fully vegan and veggie diner. They are open in the mornings and early afternoons to offer you plenty of delicious food. 

You could get a vegan breakfast sausage on a British muffin, perhaps a salad, or even a vegan acorn squad torta sandwich.

Note their entire menu is not vegan, however, they have plenty of options for vegan hunting down a tasty lunch for a good price. 

While they are somewhat limited in their vegan options, they do have a range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, so they do cater to all tastes. 

Opening Hours: 

9am-3pm for daily takeout!


Vegan Friendly Brunch Denver

Brunch is for everyone, so why not you! Check out Carbon Denver 

Carbon Denver

It would be great if there were countless options for brunch, and really there are, but if you want somewhere new to try, Cardon Denver is a great start. 

They serve a delicious stuffed french toast, as well as a side of green chile. But if you hit their restaurant at the right time, you will get to indulge in their breakfast options too. 

Their whole menu is not vegan sadly, but what vegan options they do have are absolutely top-tier! 

Opening Hours: 

7am-6pm everyday!


Vegan Waffles Denver

Got a hankering for some waffles? City ‘O’ City will sort you out! 

City ‘O’ City

Okay, before you say anything, I know this is not an extensive menu, but bear with me. City O’ City is a vegetarian restaurant, but they are extremely allergy aware. They focus on nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan options. Most of their foods are vegan or come with a vegan option. 

However, one of their vegan options is waffles. Now, I know there are not that many choices but their Chicken & Waffles option is heavenly. You cannot deny it until you have tried it. 

They’re still the best Waffles I have ever had! 

Opening Hours: 

Everyday: 10am-12am,

10-11pm Late Night Food.

3pm-6pm & 10pm-12am Happy Hour! 


Vegan Bakeries In Denver

There is only really one option for a vegan Bakery in Denver. You know it has to be Make Believe Bakery! 

Make Believe Bakery

Nothing quite hits the spot like a good bakery, especially when it is vegan! 

Make Believe Bakery makes allergen-free baked goods, paving the way for those who want to remove gluten and animal products from their diets. 

And, yes, their whole menu is 100%, totally, and completely vegan! Their gluten-free options are also plentiful, though they are made in a separate room to avoid any cross-contamination. This is one of my favorite factors of theirs, you don’t see that level of consideration often do you? 

You can also enjoy a few classic desserts from soft serves to pastries, cupcakes, and brownies, but you can also try a vegan rendition of a Ho-Ho cupcake, a sweet potato cinnamon roll, or give a whoopie pie a try! 

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Thur: 12pm-9pm.

Fri-Sun: 12pm-10pm. 



Denver might not be the City that has the most vegan options in America, nor may their vegan options be exactly what your stomach is hankering for, but, their options are exquisite, and they have plenty of range. 

Whether you want some fine dining, baked goods, a decadent dessert, or an unbelievable breakfast. There are plenty of things for vegans in Denver.

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