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Vegan Restaurants Indianapolis: The Best Places

Everyone wants to be able to find a tasty place to chow down, whether they are on vacation, or if they are wandering around the city they live in. Some places have a shortage of options when it comes to vegan dining, others trump the competition. 

If you wanted to visit Indianapolis, what would you find there? Well, Indianapolis is actually doing pretty well in terms of its vegan options, with plenty of vegan eateries about. 

I decided to take a look, and see what the city had on offer to me. 

Stick around as I tell you what I found! 

Best Vegan Restaurants Indianapolis

There are plenty of great restaurants in Indianapolis that are great for vegans to eat at. I want to share my favorites with you. 

You have plenty of choices from all-vegan eateries, to great pizzerias that do a vegan slice, or a cozy cafe to chow down in. 

Vegan options are adrift here, I loved it and I just know you will love it too. 

But, let’s start with my favorite, a delicious place downtown!

Vegan Restaurants Indianapolis Downtown

Vegan Restaurants Indianapolis: The Best Places

Three Carrots Fountain Square.

Three Carrots Fountain Square is a delicious restaurant. I started my meal with their House-made Passion Fruit Lemonade, a super refreshing drink. Then for my starter, I decided to enjoy their chili cheese fries. 


Opening Times: 

Wed-Thur: 12pm-9pm.

Fri-Sat: 12pm-10pm.

Sun: 10am-12pm, 4pm-9pm.

Mon-Tue: CLOSED.

Everything on their menu is vegan, so you can enjoy anything from their Korean BBQ Bowl to their Seitan Chicken Sandwich and more! I loved their Buffalo Sheltonator. Who knew you could do so much with Seitan?  

Vegetarian Restaurants Indianapolis

Vegan Restaurants Indianapolis: The Best Places

Cul De Sac Kitchen

This place does all veggie and vegan food. It is cozy and has great community vibes.


Opening Times: 

Tue-Sat: 12pm-6:30pm.

Sun: 12pm-5:30pm.


It is always good to keep up to date with their menus, as they do have seasonal specials. However I recommend their wraps, full of flavor and yummy goodness, you could not want for much else. 

As we head into fall, I recommend trying out their special order vegan sweet potato pie, I know I will be! 

Vegan Fine Dining In Indianapolis

Tinker Street Restaurant

I was not sure how I would feel about Tinker Street at first, but then once I sat down, I was taken aback. My curiosity began with how they require a valid 21+ ID to enter. 

But, they took away all my worries.


Opening Times: 

Mon-Wed: 5pm-9pm.

Thur-Sat: 5pm-10pm.


I can be a bit picky when it comes to dining, but I have one thing I adore about this place! Their menu changes often. 

Their meals are seasonal, and you can always try something new! Now, their menu is not 100% vegan, but they do have plenty of options, and their soup is ALWAYS vegan. 

Since their menu changes, there is no point in me recommending a dish. But, I can recommend confections! They have a gorgeous rotating sorbet trio option which changes regularly but is always vegan, and I cannot stress enough how delicious their coconut panna cotta is! 

Vegan Cafes In Indianapolis

Vegan Cafes In Indianapolis

10th Street Diner

Sometimes we do not want a big meal, sometimes a cafe for a light bite is enough for lunchtime. 10th street is a nice place to eat. 


Opening Times: 

Mon-Fri: 12pm-8pm.

Sat: 10am-3pm.


10th Street Diner is a cute little family-owned place to chow down. Their menu is plant-based, so it is not exactly 100% vegan per se, but it is plant-based. They have some great options, I can hardly choose. They do introduce new things from time to time as well. 

It is best to check them out at brunch too! 

Gluten-Free In Indianapolis

King Dough

Gluten-free is just as important, and what is harder to get when you have a gluten intolerance than a good pizza? 


Opening Times: 

Tue-Thur: 5pm-9pm.

Fri-Sat: 12pm-10pm.

Sun: 12pm-9pm.


At King Dough pizzas are handcrafted in an original style with market fresh ingredients, they do vegan and gluten-free options which makes dining here perfect for many diet types. 

You won’t go hungry here, not since the pizzas are also a whopping 14”! 

Vegan, gluten-free, 14” and fresh ingredients, my mouth is watering, is yours? 

Is Indianapolis Vegan Friendly

USA city

As you can see Indianapolis is very vegan-friendly. It might not be as vegan-friendly as some other places I have taken adventures to, but what they have there is quality. 

My favorite of all is still Three Carrots Fountain Square. They are outwardly 100% vegan and their use of Seitan has me shell-shocked. I have never seen a restaurant get quite so creative with this plant-based meat alternative before. 

They also have an extensive menu, and sure, while everywhere else I ventured to have extensive menus or were very vegan inclusive, nothing else in Indianapolis quite outshone Three Carrots. 

So, if you happen to be venturing through Indianapolis, I highly recommend dipping in for a taste. While they may not be the vegan city of the US, their inventiveness with Seitan and extensive menu has me in love, and I am sure you will be too… Once you take a bite!


The options I have listed above are a MUST TRY if you are in Indianapolis, or you live there. You will not be disappointed!

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