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Vegan Restaurants St Louis Tested By a Vegan

Vegan Restaurants St Louis Tested By a Vegan

I was in St. Louis for a week, and the purpose was purely to explore all the vegan food places so here’s my guide for Vegan Restaurants St Louis Tested By a Vegan!

In St. Louis and need a place to fill your belly? Oh, boy, have I got something to show you. 

Come with me as I introduce you to every taste and every texture that I found tingled my tastebuds across various food joints around St. Louis! 

Best Vegan Restaurants St. Louis

St. Louis has plenty of different places for you to chow down, however, for vegans, there could always be a few more options. Luckily St. Louis has this pretty well covered. 

If you are on the hunt for St. Louis vegan restaurants, you are in the right place, because no matter what your taste is, or what you are craving, I’m going to give you the lowdown on all the best places to eat in St.Louis. 

Want the best vegan pizza? I’ve found the best place for that! Want a gorgeous vegan doughnut? I’ve got to introduce you to this one place I tried! 

Are you ready? You’re about to get really hungry! 

St Louis Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

St Louis Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

My top choice for vegan-friendly restaurants in St. Louis is Tree House.

Opening Hours

Mon – Tues: CLOSED

Wed, Thurs, Sun: 4:30 pm – 9 pm 

Fri – Sat: 10am – 3pm

Sat & Sun Brunch: 10am – 3pm. 

Wed- Sun Happy Hour: 4:30pm – 5:30pm. 

Tree House has a whole menu that is entirely vegan and vegetarian, they also have a whole host of gluten-free and nut-free options. 

Their Smoked Maitake Mushrooms are absolutely to die for, and they are vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free! So, even if you are vegan and have allergies, you can dine like a King. The best part of this dish is the maitakes are local to the Ozark forest. 

This restaurant is not only vegan-friendly, but it is mostly vegan. 

(I can’t lie, I could’ve eaten their Thai Lettuce Wraps forever!)

Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants In St.Louis

Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants In St.Louis

The best Black-Owned vegan place has to be CC’s Vegan Spot! Oh, good heavens! What a place to eat! 

Opening Hours

Mon – Tues: CLOSED

Wed – Sat: 12pm – 8pm

Sun: 1pm – 5pm

CC’s uses fresh veg, vegan condiments, and vegetable protein using soy, tempeh, and gluten. They do use wheat and soy so you do need to let them know about your allergies, but they’re really cool about it if you have an allergy to anything! 

If you are looking for vegan soul food in St. Louis, look no further, not only is CC’s Black-Owned but it’s all about soul food too! Do not expect it quick though, every order is made fresh upon ordering. 

I just had to have a taste of their featured Fried Oyster Mushrooms (I’m not addicted to mushrooms or anything…) and these little bites with a SpiciLee sauce are absolutely heaven on earth. If you love mushrooms, you HAVE to try them!

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Metro St.Louis, MO

The Best Vegan Restaurants In Metro St.Louis, MO

If you are in Metro, you will want to hit up Gooseberries

Opening Hours

Mon- Tues: 11am – 3pm

Wed- Thurs: CLOSED

Fri – Sat: 12am – 2am, 11pm-12am

Sun: 12am – 2am

If you are awake super late and really fancy a bite to eat, Gooseberries has got you. They have a full menu with vegan and veggie options alike. 

So, for any night owls like me who fancy a bite at 1 am during the weekends, Gooseberries is the place to be!

Restaurants With Vegan Options In Downtown St. Louis


Heading Downtown? Hit up Rooster! (The restaurant, not the bird). 

Opening Hours

All week: 8 am – 2 pm

Rooster is great for breakfast or brunch (or a sweet treat), you can pick up a crepe, a pancake, scramble, or slingers. Now, I am a crepe girl, and I can tell you the vegan crepes here are by far the best I’ve tasted yet.

But what was the best thing? The roots and weeds smoothie. I won’t say anymore, you have to try it for yourself. 

Vegan Restaurants Near The St. Louis Zoo

Vegan Restaurants Near The St. Louis Zoo

If you are hitting up the zoo you will probably also want some vegan brunch at St. Louis place too! Seedz is perfect, near the zoo, and does brunch! 

Opening Hours


Tues- Sat: 10am – 8pm

Sun: 10am – 3pm

Their entire menu is plant-based. You can get greenz, bowlz, pizzas, juice, smoothies, dessert… EVERYTHING! 

It’ll be a long day at the zoo, right? So, you’ll want something filling, try their OG veggie burger. Or you could try their Pizzas as well. Then, you’ll want something sweet, so try out their chocolate chip banana muffin. 

Wash it all down with a Greenz Juice with some kale, spinach, and romaine in it to give you the boost you need. And get me one while you’re there! 

Vegan Doughnuts St. Louis

Vegan Doughnuts St. Louis

Fancy a doughnut? Are you a cop? Hit up Vincent Van Doughnut

Opening Hours

Tue – Fri: 6 am – Sold out

Sat-Sun: 7 am – Sold out

If you have a doughnut craving, try this place, but get there before they sell out! 

Every week they make vegan doughnuts and other items. However, they aren’t for everyone, they do announce there is a slight chance of cross-contamination, although unlikely, so be aware! 

Their vegan doughnuts are to die for though, you can taste they put their whole heart into them! 

Vegan Restaurants On The Hill In St. Louis MO

If you are on the Hill or if you fancy taking a trip to a romantic vegan restaurant in St. Louis, the best place is Love ‘n Light Cuisine

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 11am – 2pm

Thur- Fri: 4pm – 8:30pm

Sat – Sun: 10am – 3pm (brunch) 

(Times subject to change)

This is a plant-based food place with so much to offer from healthy food products, tonics, juices, and smoothies. 

If you want a healthy romantic day, you can book in at the restaurant and then do a cooking class with your loved one all at the same place! 

Vegan Pizza St. Louis

What about Pizza? Well, Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza is perfect! 

Opening Hours

Mon – Tues: CLOSED

Wed, Thur, Sun: 4 pm – 9 pm

Fri – Sat: 4pm – 10pm

They have a whole menu just for vegan pizzas. However, I have to recommend the Cash Room pizza they do. I promise it is not because it has mushrooms on it… Okay, it is but the blended cashew topping helped! 

That being said, the vegan pepperoni was also delicious! Oh, and also try their maple-glazed cinnamon knots, their delicious vegan dessert!

St. Louis Vegan Bakery

vegan pastry shop

We all get a hankering for cupcakes, where is best? Prioritized Pastries! Entirely Vegan and Gluten FREE! 

This isn’t the kind of place where you can just dive in and get a cake, but they do special orders, custom cakes, and even tasting sessions. So, if you need a wedding cake, you know where to go! 

However, they are also at the Tower Grove Farmers Market every Saturday morning from 8 am until 12:30 pm. 

They use exclusively locally sourced ingredients and will make you the tasty treat you deserve.

If you want to try their food, go to one of their local partners, Maypop Coffee and Garden Shop do their Oreo Cream Pies and I can tell you… I’m addicted! 

Does St. Louis Have Vegan Options?

Can’t you tell? St. Louis is a place rife with vegan options, I don’t want to leave, ever. I’m just hungry all the time now. 

From doughnuts to pizzas, to cooking classes paired with dietary wellness, the best cakes in the land, and even brunch by the zoo! St. Louis is vegan heaven!

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