VegeVega’s Recipe E-book!

VegeVega's Recipe E-book!
Guys! I just wanted to put in a few words regarding my recipe E-Book that I have been working on for a while, and I have finally released it on the blog! Click here to Purchase The Book!

70 ‘tried and true’, timeless recipes for you to have at your convenience always!

It’s all the recipes you know and love, and some you’ve probably yet to discover…


It’s been 6 months with…VegeVega! I’ve been sharing whole healthy Vegan recipes in hopes to inspire others to join me. My first six months of blogging has been an accumulation of many great transitional recipes. This is especially helpful for those seeking to adopt a vegan lifestyle or just eat better. It’s what I ate the first few years of my transition and still go back time & again to many of them. I wanted to create an easy way for you to always have these timeless, easy vegan recipes at your fingertips without the need for the internet. Plus, I’ve had many requests for this…so here it is!

With the thought of the reader in mind, it’s formatted as a fully interactive E-Book in PDF format so you can easily navigate & click your way through the epic list of vegan inspiration. It’s also designed so you have the ability to print recipes if needed. This publication is compatible with iPad, Android Tablets, most Kindles, Kobo, Sony Readers, Pocket Book, and of course your laptop and desktop computers. Save your copy of this cookbook and use it on any/all of the devices. It’s meant to last a lifetime!

So why do you need to have this book when it’s all available here? Well for starters, because it’s amazing! It’s a wonderful experience to scroll endlessly through every single recipe at once organized by its category, or simply click from the recipe index and go directly to where you want. I’ve also organized it in a way that you can get right back to where you were, or very close, in a second. I’ve created this e-book the way I’d want to use one. Another great reason to have a copy for yourself, if anything was to ever happen (heaven forbid) to this site or you’re simply off-line, you’ll always have a copy of the VegeVega on hand wherever you are! I personally have it on my iPad and love it!

VegeVega's Recipe E-book!

This book is not only full of recipes but photos as well. I’m a very visual person and you probably are too when it comes to food. It’s fun and exciting to scroll through and see some of the recipes you love in a new way and discover some you’ve may have not noticed before. I wanted to keep the price low so anyone can have access to these easy to make, whole-food vegan recipes. Priced reasonably and accessible at $4.99…it’s an exceptional value!

Pick-up and download your forever copy here:

Purchase The E-Book

I’ve chosen to use Payhip as my service provider. It’s safe, secure, and has an option for Paypal. This e-book is compatible with iPad, Android Tablets, Sony Readers, most Kindles, Kobo, and Pocket Book. You can purchase from any device with an internet connection but please download and save to your computer or laptop. You can transfer the eBook to your reader of choice later.

Thank you so much for your support and interest in my E-book!
Let me know what you think, and whether you liked it, I appreciate every feedback and new ideas for future books!


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