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What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas?

So, What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas? – You would be surprised how many options there are!
Depends where you are in the world, you can customize and create your own vegan Christmas dinner. There are many appetizer options, starters, main course and vegan Christmas desserts.

I struggled quite a lot when I first went vegan, I was like “What Am I Going To Eat At Christmas As A Vegan?”
And believe me, I had my fair share of bad vegan Christmas food.

But down the line, after I expanded my culinary knowledge in terms of the vegan diet, I am absolutely looking forward to the vegan food at Christmas!

Here are some example recipes/food you can have for Christmas as a vegan:

To Get You Started:

The wonderfully colourfully 5- minute beetroot hummuscheck it out!


What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas?

I like serving this beetroot hummus with diced veggies, like cucumber, pepper, carrot. It’s a great way of getting you started with a few drinks before your starter and main course.


The starter Is a wonderfully easy, spiced sweet potato soup – check it out.

What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas?The colours and the smell are simply amazing with this soup. It literally screams Christmas.

The Main Course:

…Is maple glazed chickpea ‘meatloaf’ – check it out!

It’s a delicious twist to the classical nut roast. I like serving this chickpea meatloaf with roasted potatoes and caramelized Brussels sprouts.

The Side Dish ( The Trimmings ):

Crispy roasted potatoes? Chili parsnips? Yes, please!

If you like Brussels sprouts, why not add them as well?

The Dessert:

This dessert is my absolute favorite! – it’s vegan lime cheesecake…AND it’s RAW TOO!

The Wine/Cheese Course:

This cheese is my absolute favorite! it’s pistachio cheese! So posh, ain’t it? 😀

A Christmas is not a Christmas if it doesn’t have a delicious wine course to follow after the dessert. There is nothing better than playing Christmas games whilst being slightly tipsy, and crunching on the cheese and the crackers.
I like serving this cheese with my easy gluten-free homemade crackers!

What About Vegan Wines?

In case you didn’t know this, not all wines are vegan!
So I will recommend you a couple of my favorite vegan wines.

I will start with the red:

1. Dragon Hulls Pinot Noir 2019

2. The Sail Shiraz 2019

3. Margues De Valencia Gran Reserva 2013

Now the white wine:

1. Anello Piemonte Doc Cortese 2019

2. Hielo Y Fuego Sauvignon Blanc 2020

3. Dragon Hulls Pinot Grigio 2019

These are my favorite wines, and I recommend you to try them 😉

Now that I have suggested and shown you what my vegan Christmas consists of, I will recommend you different, perhaps easier options:

We Live In The Vegan Era!
What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas?

Back in the 90s, being a vegan was a huge huge struggle, but now, in 2020, it’s so much easier. Restaurants and food chains offer vegan options, supermarkets are loaded with vegan options…I mean it’s the best time to be vegan really!

There are many vegan kinds of bacon, &  chi’ken alternatives….for example, what not have a vegan bacon sandwich for breakfast on Christmas day?

Why not have a vegan roast for Christmas dinner? You can buy it straight from the supermarkets.
Why not have vegan pie or cheesecake from the supermarket for dessert?

Personally – for me, Christmas is all about good food, so I like to cook all the food myself, but if you don’t have the time, you can buy it! It’s that easy now.


So What Do Vegans Eat On Christmas? EVERYTHING!
Don’t overthink it! The vegan options out there are so many. When I struggle to think of a meal – I think of vegetables. Roast some veggies, steam some greens, cook up some tofu or vegan chi’ken pieces, and there you go! it’s easy, the secret is to look, and to always think of vegetables! Because after all – that’s what veganism is.

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