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What Is Saffiano Leather – Is It Vegan?

What Is Saffiano Leather - Is It Vegan?

What Is Saffiano Leather – Is It Vegan – we will break all that down for you in this quick article.

Before we get started, let’s start off by saying that vegan saffiano leather and saffiano faux leather are the same thing. They are basically a ‘fake’ material like leather that does not use animal skin. 

So, what exactly is saffiano, and is it safe for vegans?

We will tell you all you need to know. 

Is Saffiano Leather Vegan?

Here’s the deal, yes, but also no. Saffiano is a style of leather, not a material. Saffiano can be made with animal skin, or with vegan materials.

What Is Saffiano?

What Is Saffiano?

Saffiano was first made in Italy, by Prada. It stands out from other leathers due to it having a ‘cross-hatch’ structure, making a diagonal print. Saffiano is used on animal and vegan leathers. 

Basically, if the material is patterned in a cross-hatch, then it is saffiano. 

Is Saffiano Leather Real Leather?

Saffiano leather can be real leather. Saffiano is a style and not leather, it is made via a stamping method, which makes a textured leather, so a machine is used to press its signature cross-hatch into the material. 

It can be real leather (animal hides) or it can be fake or saffiano vegan leather. 

What Is Saffiano Leather Made Of?

Saffiano leather can be made with calf/ animal leathers or PVC/ PU/ faux vegan leathers. 

It is made by stamping a pattern onto the leather, it is the pattern that makes the leather saffiano, and not the leather itself. 

The material will be put into a heated machine, then it will be pressed for 10-15 seconds and a finish will be added after this. 

Saffiano is hard to distinguish sometimes, and there is an argument that faux leathers may as well make up the whole style as the coating masks the properties that make identification easy, whether it is real or faux, it still feels like plastic due to the finish. 

Is Saffiano Leather Good?

Is Saffiano Leather Good?

Saffiano leather is good in general, it is durable, scratch-resistant, and water-repellent, which should be good enough for most, meaning that your saffiano leather items are less likely to get damaged easily. 

Is Saffiano Leather Expensive?

Saffiano leather is probably one of the more expensive leathers as it goes through a tanning process which is very time-consuming. So, while saffiano leather may or may not be vegan, it will cost a lot regardless due to the process to make it. 

Expect to pay a pretty penny.

Is Saffiano Leather Soft?

Saffiano leather is treated and bonded so much that it is actually extremely soft, it is this softness that makes it perfect for watch straps and other uses. It is very popular due to its admirable texture.

Is Saffiano Leather Good Quality?

Saffiano leather is considered to actually be one of the highest quality types of leather (vegan or not). The material goes through such a process to be made that it is the perfect material for many luxury items from handbags, wallets, and even watch straps too. 

However, real saffiano leathers will last longer than the faux ones, synthetic leathers generally do not live as long as real ones. 

Is Saffiano Leather Fake?

Saffiano leather can be real or fake, many designers will use both at some point. Obviously, this is admirable for vegans. 

Why does this matter? Well, vegans want luxury items too, and real leather is definitely not vegan. While the faux versions may not last as long, they are still a luxury.

How Can You Tell If Saffiano Leather Is Real?

The easiest way to tell if saffiano is real or faux is the texture. Real saffiano will feel rigid and heavily structured, whereas synthetic leathers will be a bit softer, and even floppy. Real saffiano will also look glossed. 

What Color Is Mahogany Saffiano Leather?

Mahogany is a brownish color, so, if you want mahogany saffiano leather, except a brown color, perhaps with a reddish tint to it. 

How To Clean Saffiano Leather

Saffiano is notoriously easy to clean. You can easily clean it with a cloth and some water. Or you could use a leather care product. However, if you have any scratches on your leather, go to a professional, don’t try to fix it yourself.


What Is Saffiano Leather - Is It Vegan?

So, we found out that Saffiano leather has both vegan and none vegan designs. Which is good news in a way. If you have been a fan of Saffiano leather prior to becoming vegan, you can still use the brand, just make sure you get the faux leather one!

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