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When Can I Shave My Tattoo: How To Shave Over Tattoos

Having a tattoo can be awesome. You feel so great with your new body art, it makes you feel good about yourself, and you can represent who you are on the outside, externally.

Or just get something you find awesome, and love on your body. 

Whatever the case, we all know that tattoos require a fair bit of aftercare. You need to keep it clean, moisturize it, and you should be watching the skin, and allowing it to get plenty of oxygen. Not too difficult. 

However, when it comes to tattoo care, there is one other issue we face… body hair. Not all our tattoos will be in places where we get hair, but some will be, and what do we do when our fresh new tattoo starts getting a little… prickly? Can we shave it? 

Yes, but you need to know when it is okay to do so. 

When Can I Shave My Tattoo: How To Shave Over Tattoos

When Can I Shave My Tattoo?

You can shave over your tattoos, but you cannot shave over them until the tattoo is totally healed. 

Everyone is different, we do not all heal at the same rate, so only you can really know when this will be. However, it will usually be around the 2 to 3-week mark. 

During this time you should be keeping your new ink protected, letting it heal properly, so you cannot shave until it is healed, or you can do it some damage. 

Does Shaving Over A Tattoo Damage It?

Shaving over a tattoo will only damage your tattoo if it is not properly healed yet. Once your tattoo is healed shaving will not affect your tattoo any different from how it affects the rest of your skin. 

Ensure you take care of your skin anyway, always keep it exfoliated to stop any ingrown hairs, keep it hydrated, and always apply enough shaving products. 

Once a tattoo has healed it is just the same as the rest of your skin, but a bit more colorful! 

Does Body Hair Grow Over Tattoos?

Yes, ink being under the skin does not stop hair growth. Hairs may not grow back quite as fast after the tattoo, however, as your skin is more focused on healing the area first, but after this hair will grow back over your tattoo. 

Once the tattoo is healed it is up to you to decide how you want to manage your hair growth. 

Can I Shave Over My Tattoo After A Week?

A week after you have had your tattoo it is unlikely that it will have already healed unless you have superpowers. Even if it does look healed, it may not be, so give it time. 2 to 3 weeks is the typical time taken for a tattoo to heal. 

Do not shave until your tattoo is properly healed. 

How To Shave Over Tattoos

When your tattoo is healed and you start shaving over the area, it is no different from any other area of skin. 

Shave it as normal. 

However, with some tattoos, you may miss a hair, especially if it blends into the tattoo, so try to shave in a well-lit area, and delicately try to remove each hair. 

Here are some other tips for you:

  • Use plenty of shaving gel, rub it in and get in there real good. 
  • Do not be afraid to taut the skin so it is perfectly stretched out and you do not nick yourself. 
  • Moisturize the skin after shaving to keep it hydrated and to help the tattoos retain their color, I recommend cocoa butter
  • Make sure you use a quality, sharp razor to do so. 

Best Way To Remove Hair From A Tattoo

When Can I Shave My Tattoo: How To Shave Over Tattoos

Out of all the ways to remove hair from a tattoo, shaving is the most common, but the most ideal way is with a depilatory cream. 

These creams are safe and effective. Since the tattoo is below the epidermis, hair removal creams will remove the hair on the epidermis, and there is no risk of you cutting yourself or damaging the skin! 

Does Waxing Affect Tattoos

Wax will be applied to the epidermis (top layer of skin) when you get a wax done, so it will not affect or touch any of the tattoos above the skin. Just ensure you get a wax done properly. 

Waxing can be painful, so always ensure a professional does it. 

Does Lazer Hair Removal Affect Tattoos

Sadly, laser hair removal does affect tattoos. It is totally possible that laser hair removal could and can damage tattoos. In fact, laser hair removal cannot be done directly onto the skin that has tattoos! 

When Can I Wax Over My Tattoo

While you can shave after around 2-3 weeks post-tattoo, you will have to wait around 4 to 6 weeks before you wax after having a tattoo. As you would be waxing an open wound in essence. 

How To Stop Hair Growth On A Tattoo

While shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams are all popular, the most effective way to permanently rid yourself of hair on your tattoos is to undergo galvanic electrolysis. Which will take 1 to 4 years but will completely rid you of hair.


How Do You Know When A Tattoo Is Healed

When a tattoo is healed there will be no scabs, and the texture of the skin will be the same as other areas of your skin. 

Can I Shave Over My Tattoo After 6 Weeks

You can shave your tattoo after 6 weeks. This is plenty of time for your tattoo to heal.

Does Shaving Make Tattoos Look Better?

Shaving can make tattoos look better, being very hairy can cover the tattoo. You paid for it, show it off!


You can definitely shave over your tattoo, but you must ensure that your tattoo is first healed completely before attempting to shave the hair that’s over it.
Waxing is also fine once the tattoo is healed, however, you should stay away from laser hair removal on the tattoo area, as it can damage it.

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