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Why Cutting Out All ‘Bad’ Foods Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Why Cutting Out All 'Bad' Foods Won't Help You Lose Weight

Why Cutting Out All ‘Bad’ Foods Won’t Help You Lose Weight, because eventually, you will start to crave foods like chocolate, pizza, and all sorts of junk food. Completely eliminating them in order to lose weight, will help you lose weight, yes, but the moment you get back to ‘normal’ you will overeat on all these foods you have been resisting so hard. And then guess what will happen? You will gain all the weight back.

I am not saying this is the case with everyone, I am sure that there are people who decided to completely cut them out for good, and succeeded without overeating on them later, but I am talking about people who cut them only for the sake of few weeks until they lose these 3 kilograms.

One big mistake people make when they want to lose weight, is that they think that they are not allowed any ‘bad’ foods anymore, like sweets, pizzas, fries and etc. Now, let’s say you completely stop eating these foods and lose weight, what is the first thing you will do when you stop trying to lose weight? – You will indulge in these foods again, normally in huge amounts, to make it up for all the cravings you have been having for the past couple of weeks or months, which will lead to weight gain! So all would be for nothing.

Another thing that may happen during your weight-loss journey is that eventually, your willpower won’t be able to resist it anymore, and you will indulge in all these “bad” foods in huge amounts. And once again, it would all be for nothing.

The Solution:

Why Cutting Out All 'Bad' Foods Won't Help You Lose Weight

Want it? Crave it? – EAT IT!

But, in moderation! Crave that cookie your mum just freshly baked? Sure, have one, or even two! Weigh-loss isn’t a phase you need to go through, it’s not a job, you need to be able to make it enjoyable and you need to make it your lifestyle. Because what’s the point in eating well for a month, just so you could get rid of these 3 kilograms, and then get back to your old unhealthy habits?
That is why you should allow yourself in moderation everything you crave during your weight-loss journey.

A thing I did, which I am definitely not recommending, is that I  indulged once a week in all the foods I craved. I basically had a cheat day once a week, to keep all my cravings in check. But this way is not so healthy, that is why I would recommend if you crave something, just eat in moderation on the day, rather than keep that craving, and indulge in huge amounts of it on your cheat day, because that doesn’t do your body, especially your liver any good.
But this is how I dealt with cravings for some time until I realized that I could just eat whatever I craved in moderation without ruining my weight-loss success.

And up until today, I am still following all of these principles, even when I am no longer trying to lose weight.
To eating good fats, and carbs and all these food groups you thought were ‘bad’ for losing weight.

– I eat whole foods, from vegetables and fruits
– to pulses like beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas and etc
– I eat fats like nuts, and avocados, I am not scared of using oil when I am cooking
– I eat carbs, like potatoes, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, quinoa, and the occasional cake and pastries 😉

And whenever I crave anything, I would just eat it, from:

– ice-cream
– doughnuts
– pizza
– fries and etc.

And I am still skinny! I don’t look at the scales anymore, because I eat all of the foods above in moderation.
So this is Why Cutting Out All ‘Bad’ Foods Won’t Help You Lose Weight.
Remember, everything excessive is not healthy, not even water. Just try to be smart, and make sure you press the ‘stop button’ when you are digging into that big pack of crisps.
Just consume everything in moderation, it’s that easy and simple.

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