Why Do I Cough After Eating Ice Cream & Milkshakes

Do you ever enjoy something cold and cool? Only to find not long after you have enjoyed your food or beverage that you start coughing. Most of us get a bit of a cough or maybe find our mouths are a bit dry after enough an ice cream or milkshake but for some, it’s a bit more hardcore. 

Why Do I Cough After Eating Ice Cream & Milkshakes

It is fairly normal to be gagging for a drink after ice cream, the sugar dries out your mouth, and as delicious as the ice cream is, it just makes you thirsty. But, if you are coughing, and coughing rather heavily, something else might be afoot. 

So, what is causing your troubles, my friend? Let me tell you! 

What Causes Coughing After Eating Ice Cream

If you have a sensitivity to dairy products such as cheese, milk, and cream, your body might start producing excess mucus and phlegm, when it does this, you are more likely to cough. 

You see, when your body produces more phlegm than usual, it usually ends up dripping down the back of your throat. This is caused by post-nasal drip, and it can be very irritating and is a common symptom of allergies/ intolerances. 

But, post-nasal drip irritates the lining of your throat, and hey presto, you are suddenly coughing like mad. 

Why Do I Cough When I Drink Something Cold?


That being said, if you are only coughing when you face something chilly, rather than specifically something dairy, then you might be having a reaction to the cold. This doesn’t mean you are allergic to cold things, however. 

Eating something cold is very much like going from being in a hot tub to a cold plunge pool, it closes down our breathing slightly which makes us cough as a reflex. This is normal, don’t worry it’s not harmful, it’s just a normal reaction. 

Why Do Cold Things Make Me Cough?

Cold drinks and foods can also irritate the tissues in your throat, especially if it is icy cold. It can feel very nice in the summer, but our bodies were not particularly made for this so it can irritate your throat a bit. It could also trigger a reflex as well. 

How To Stop Coughing After Eating Ice Cream?

Even if you are not allergic to dairy, you could be sensitive to it, this could include any milk cream, or cheese products. Eating them can increase the amount of mucous your body makes, which makes you more likely to cough. 

There is no way to eat ice cream and not suffer this if you do have sensitivity. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You simply need to avoid dairy ingredients. This means that perhaps seeking out vegan ice cream might be the best way you can get your ice cream fix but avoid coughing fits.

Why Do I Cough After Eating Dairy?

Why Do I Cough After Eating Dairy?

The main reason you would cough after eating dairy is if you have a sensitivity. This does not mean you have an allergy, it simply means that your body is slightly sensitive to dairy. In this case, cutting down on dairy and avoiding it where you can is the best thing to do. 

Can Being Lactose Intolerant Cause You To Have Severe Coughing After Eating Ice Cream?

There are many ways to tell if you have an intolerance, as symptoms will vary, but generally, intolerances are not severe. If you have an allergy however you may experience coughing as part of your reaction. 

Other symptoms of lactose intolerance may include: 

  • Breathing difficulty.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Skin flare-ups/ rashes.
  • Wheezing.
  • Coughing. 

Symptoms of lactose intolerance can look similar to asthma in some cases.

Why Do Milkshakes Make Me Cough?


Coughing after drinking a milkshake can be a result of the milkshake being too cold and shocking your system, it could also be a symptom of lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivity. 

It is best to seek out your doctor. 

How To Stop Coughing After Eating Ice Cream

If you cough after eating ice cream you may have a dairy intolerance or sensitivity, if this is the case then try to cut down on dairy, or avoid it altogether. However, it could also be simply that the ice cream is too cold, sometimes it is best to give it a minute before eating it. 


Why Do Smoothies Make Me Cough?

Smoothies may make you cough if they are too cold and shock your system, making your throat constrict. However, it may also be a dairy intolerance or allergy if the smoothie contains milk products. 

Does Eating Ice Cream Cause Dry Cough?

Eating ice cream can cause a dry cough if you are sensitive to dairy. However, if you are dehydrated, it can also cause a dry cough as ice cream does dry out your throat/mouth after eating. 

Why Do Chocolate Milkshakes Make You Cough?

If you are allergic to chocolate, you may cough even from a chocolate milkshake. 

Why Do I Cough After Eating Something Cold?

When you eat or drink something cold it can shock your system and therefore causes a reaction that makes your throat constrict.

Does Ice Cream Make Cough Worse?

Ice cream should not increase your cold/flu symptoms, it doesn’t increase mucus production unless you have a sensitivity or intolerance.


Coughing after eating ice cream or drinking a milkshake can be a result of 2 things:

  • You have an intolerance to dairy
  • Your ice cream/milkshake is too cold

If it’s the latter, give your ice cream a minute or two before eating it.
However, if you are intolerant/allergic to dairy, it’s best to stop/keep dairy to a minimum.

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