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Why Do I Cry When I Poop: Is It Normal?

Do you ever find yourself tearing up like you’ve rewatched the end scene from Titanic, but only instead when you are squatting down in the restroom, letting out the remnants of yesterday’s dinner? 

If this sounds like you then you may be wondering why you cry when you poop. It is not considered as being totally normal, not in society’s terms anyway, but it’s not exactly that irregular either. 

Why Do I Cry When I Poop: Is It Normal?

So, what’s the deal?

Can Pooping Cause Tears?

When we say tears we typically think of what comes out of our eyes, however, let’s think about the other version of that word. Yes, anal tears. If you strain during a bowel movement, and your stools are quite solid which typically resembles constipation, you might be risking tears, otherwise known as anal fissures

If you have anal fissures you are actually more likely to cry tears because of the pain from passing a stool past these tears in your rectum!

Is Crying After Pooping Normal?

That being said, anal fissures are not the only cause of having a good cry as you poop. Why? 

Well, aside from painful poops, you might automatically cry. 

You see, our brains are wired in a certain way, and the part of our brain that controls release, i.e. pooping, peeing, and crying is one and the same. Your brain might be ‘short-circuited’ meaning that when you poop you may also cry, just because your brain is telling you to. 

Don’t worry, it’s actually fairly normal, and is just the way your brain is wired. You’re not actually emotional about saying goodbye to yesterday’s meal. 

Why Do I Cry When I Poop Or Pee?

Why Do I Cry When I Poop: Is It Normal?

There is a theory known as intra-abdominal pressure. This means that when your muscles work to help push your poops out of your colon, pressure is put on your organs. This can actually put a strain on your nerves and blood vessels, which can make you produce tears.

This might sound painful, but actually, it doesn’t need to be painful. Think of it as more of a biological reflex. 

Perhaps it’s a massive poo, so your muscles have to work harder, and as a result, you start tearing up like you just saw the cutest puppy. You do not actually feel any pain, but you still tear up just because of the reflex.

Let’s also note how this can actually be genetic. It is likely that if your parents tear up when they poop, you will too. 

The vagus nerve may also be responsible. This is the nerve that goes from your head to your gut and is also named the ‘brain-gut axis’. It controls the feelings in areas around your head, but it also helps to move muscles in your throat, heart, stomach, and bowels. 

So, when you strain in your bowels, you are sending a signal to your brain. This can give you nerve responses like goosebumps, and could even make you cry.

Why Do I Start Crying When I Poop?


Why do you cry when you poop? The basic answer is wired in your basic biology. It is all about how your body works with your nerves, muscles, and the signals going to and from your brain. 

Just know it is totally normal to well up a bit when you poop. You might do it willingly if it is really relieving! 

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