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Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period: The Answers

Having periods is a burden enough without all the other junk that comes with it. Being on your period is rough, you get cramps, and you’re bleeding. 

Let’s not forget just how much your back hurts, feet, migraines, the. The everything. But then, you get bladder pressure and sometimes bowel pressure too. 

Have you ever sat on the toilet around your period to find that suddenly everything you have eaten and drunk ever in your entire life is suddenly desperate to leave the premises? Yeah, it’s horrible. 

But, why? So many women complain of bowel issues, but not so many about bladder issues, but we all know we get them, I suppose we all just accepted it, right? Well, I am here to ask why. I have to know! 

Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period

I did the research and now I am going to tell you about it! 

Why Do I Have To Pee So Much On My Period?

So, apparently, there is a genuine reason why you are peeing so much on your period. So, before you have your period there is a hormone known as progesterone, which becomes more present in your body. 

When your progesterone levels then start dropping, as your menstruation gets triggered, the fluids in your body will shift which releases a lot of fluid and tends to make you need to release the fluids more. 

Why Do I Pee So Much At Night Before My Period

The changes are, the night before you start your period, this is when your body sees a drop in progesterone, which makes all the fluids in your body drastically need to evacuate the premises. 

Some might believe that it is due to the womb thickness just before your period and the muscle contractions (which can play a part during your menses) affecting your bladder, but really, it’s just one pesky hormone rising and falling causing you to rush to the toilet before you wet yourself.

Why Do I Have To Pee So Much At The End Of My Period

Why Do I Pee So Much On My Period

Your body will produce estrogen and progesterone at different times, and we are all different. While our bodies tend to work the same way, it also depends on some other factors. 

Consider contraceptives. Some contraceptives increase the levels of progesterone in the body, which may mean that those women do not need to pee as much. Some will not have this but may mess with hormones making you need to pee in excess at weird times around your cycle. 

Never forget the female body is complicated and messy. If you are peeing a totally ridiculous amount around your period, do contact your doctor. It’s normal to pee more, but if you are popping to the restroom every hour, a doctor’s trip might be a good shout.

Can Your Period Cause Frequent Urination?

Your period is a cause of many painstaking annoyances, one of these is definitely frequent urination. Pop culture and stereotypes would have us think that PMS is just being moody, but it is also peeing a lot, thanks to lowering levels of progesterone. 

As your hormones shift around during your menstruation, or just before, you can get bloated and start to retain water. This is just progesterone levels increase. 

This can be resolved by peeing more. However, it is not just your bladder your period has an effect on it. As your body releases chemicals when you menstruate it can cause your intestine to contract as well. 

I know a lady who calls this phenomenon ‘poo belly’, basically that absolutely God-awful feeling in your stomach when you are on your period that tells you, you have to get to a restroom now… Or else! 

Can Your Period Affect Your Bladder?


Your period will affect you in many ways, but it will mostly affect anything in the vicinity of your uterus. Unlucky for women this means your intestines and bladder, which are unhappy neighbors of your uterus don’t half get a beating too. 

Around 42% of women report that they experience a small loss of bladder control just before their period arrived. Then 36% of women experienced this loss of bladder control during menstruation. 

While there is less influence of progesterone during menstruation, it still affects some women, sending them to the nearest toilet.

Is Frequent Urination During Period Normal? 

Yes, do not worry. Frequent urination during your period is normal, as are frequent bowel movements too. 

Your period has your hormones playing hell on your body, and your bladder and bowels suffer for it. However, if you do not get this only around this time, you might want to see a doctor.

How To Stop Frequent Urination During Period

toilet paper

There is no real way to stop this phenomenon unless you fancy going on a hormonal contraceptive, however, these do not always help and should not be used unless you really need it. 

Peeing a lot could be caused by something else after all. So, if you are worried, get yourself checked by a professional. 


Peeing A Lot 3 Days Before Period

Your body is preparing for menstruation, which releases higher levels of progesterone, then drops them, this leads to you urinating more just before your period.

Why Do I Get Frequent Urination Before And During Period

The hormone progesterone is responsible for an increase in bladder action around and during your period. 

What Causes Frequent Urination During Period?

The hormone progesterone is the main culprit for making you urinate frequently before, during, and even after your period (in some cases).


Many changes occur before during and after your period. If you feel the need to urinate more often than usual before, during, and after your period, this is totally fine.
Also remember, it’s always good to drink plenty of fluids during your period, so if you are doing so, then this will result in more frequent trips to the restroom.

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