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Why Do My Teeth Hurt? All The Possible Reasons

Our bodies are strange, and there are a whole number of reasons that our bodies can hurt. When it comes to our teeth, these are no different. If you’re here, you are probably experiencing some tooth pain and are wondering if you should seek out a dentist or not. 

Some tooth pain can be nothing, other times it can be more serious. It could be anything from you simply eating something too hard, or chewing wrong, some sensitivity, all the way to cavities, cracks, and infection. 

Let’s not forget those pesky old wisdom teeth that come through your gums like a punch to the face! 

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? All The Possible Reasons

So, why are your teeth hurting? Let me talk you through why.

The Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt

There are many reasons your teeth may hurt. 

Instead of rambling on, I’ll get straight to the point. Here is a list of the possibilities from the least worrying to the worst-case scenarios. 

  1. Sensitivity to heat or cold. 
  2. Clenched jaw/ teeth grinding.
  3. Tooth bleaching products.
  4. Dental Procedures.
  5. Enamel erosion.
  6. Wisdom teeth.
  7. Sinus infection.
  8. Cracked tooth/ crown.
  9. Receding gums.
  10. Tooth decay.
  11. Gingivitis.

All My Teeth Hurt On One Side

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? All The Possible Reasons

There are two primary reasons why you may be experiencing tooth pain on one side. One reason could be that you have suddenly developed a sensitivity. This is usually a sensitivity to temperature and is not serious. 

However, the alternative is that you may have a cracked or infected tooth. Since our teeth are all quite close together, this pain will travel and make it feel like all your teeth on one side hurt 

If you have this issue, don’t worry, pretty much any cause of tooth pain in this regard is treatable by your dentist.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt At Night?

If your teeth hurt at night, it is probably little to do with your teeth. If you have a toothache, sleeping in specific positions will exacerbate this pain. 

Blood rushes to our heads when we sleep, especially if we sleep on our backs, and this puts additional pressure on areas already sensitive. 

Top And Bottom Teeth Hurt On Left Side


If you are experiencing pain in the top and bottom teeth on one side, you might be grinding your teeth. Some of us are sleep grinders (I know a few), and we are actually totally unaware that we do this. 

It results in tooth pain, sometimes on one side more than another. Grinding usually also causes sensitivities to cold temperatures, and pressure, and you may also experience jaw pain too. 

My Tooth Hurts When I Touch It With My Tongue

Is your tooth hurting when your tongue touches it? This is an extremely sensitive tooth, and it may be infected or abscessed. With an infection, the gums around the tooth may be quite sore, even to the gentle touch of your tongue. 

Infections are often the result of damage, decay, or disease. 

Why Do My Bottom Teeth Hurt?

There are many potential causes of tooth pain in your bottom teeth. One of these can be an infected root tooth. This pain will be severe and non-stop, it will be a throbbing or shooting pain. 

This kind of pain can make your teeth sensitive to extreme temperatures, and your gums may be swollen. This can also be the result of an abscessed tooth too. 

However, this is not always the case, just the worst-case scenario and something you should be on the lookout for in case it ever happens to you.

Why Do My Bottom Teeth Hurt When I’m Sick?

If you have a cold or flu, and you experience tooth pain, it may be a sign of a creeping sinus infection. Some teeth have their roots sitting right by your sinuses, and the pressure from this can ripple throughout your jaw. 

Not to mention that sinus pressure can feel like toothache too. 

If your teeth hurt when you’re sick, it is usually a sign that you have an ear or sinus infection brewing.

Why Do My Bottom Front Teeth Hurt When I Breathe?

tooth pain and ache

If your bottom front teeth hurt when you breathe, it is usually a sign of a cavity. 

However, that being said, if it is super cold outside then your teeth may just be sensitive to cold temperatures. 

But, back to cavities for a moment. Cavities usually cause sensitive teeth. If you have not been strictly getting rid of plaque on your teeth through avid flossing, brushing, and use of mouthwash, you can develop cavities. 

Annoyingly, cavities have the potential to cause receding gums too!

Why Do My Bottom Teeth Hurt When I Bite Down?

While not always the cause, inflamed sinuses are usually the root cause of bottom teeth hurting when you bite down. 

Our most sensitive teeth are our molars, if your sinuses are inflamed, the pain can ripple down your teeth, and it will make them sensitive when you bite down. This pain can often mirror the pain you experience if you have temperature-sensitive teeth.

Why Does My Bottom Teeth Feel Weird?

girl eating carrot

Teeth feeling weird is usually a sensitivity, or it can be something that mirrors a sensitivity, such as a cavity. 

This ‘weirdness’ is usually a feeling such as a tickle or a tingle in your teeth from time to time. 

Sensitivities can often occur as a result of bacteria thinning the enamel on your teeth, which you need, as enamel protects the tooth nerves. 

How Do I Stop My Bottom Teeth From Hurting

If your teeth are hurting, start a routine for your teeth. 

  • Start with a warm salt water mouth wash (it’s exactly what it sounds like). 
  • Then gently floss your teeth to remove plaque and food. 
  • Try a cold compress on your cheek or jaw if it is hurting, sometimes warm compresses can help too. But cold is better recommended.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medicines to help deal with the pain. 
  • You can also try home remedies. 
  • Contact your dentist if the pain continues! 


I have to say, tooth pain has to be the worst kind of pain. And if you are experiencing tooth pain, especially for some time, contact your dentist!

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