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Why Does My Breath Smell Like Poop: The Reasons

I suppose it is only right to admit that I can understand how you feel on this one. Bad breath is a problem everyone struggles with at some point in their lives. It does not always necessarily have the odor of explosive diarrhea, but it can smell foul. 

But, most of us have no idea why this happens. If our oral hygiene has taken a vacation while we have been unwell, then it is pretty obvious and we aren’t questioning things, but if we brush, floss, and take good care of our teeth it still happens… Now, we have questions. 

So, why do we sometimes find our breath smells a bit… foul-ish? Time to find out, I guess.

Why Does My Breath Smell Like Poop

Why Does My Breath Smell Like Poop?

The first reason your breath might be foul is poor oral hygiene. Failing to properly brush or floss can make your breath smell gross. Plaque and bacteria build up between and on your teeth, and food that doesn’t get removed gets stuck and rots. 

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons. Acid reflux, vomiting, and such can also cause foul breath. However, the one few people expect is sinus infections. If you get a sinus infection your breath can be ranked. 

The reason is due to the post-nasal drip you get as a result. This tends to be constant and it leaves behind a bad taste and a bad smell. There is nothing you can do to stop this, aside from fighting the infection. 

But, there are more reasons, so let’s keep looking at the possibilities.

What Causes Bad Breath Even After Brushing?

The primary reason your breath still smells like a pig sty even after you have brushed, flossed, and done everything you should be down to a few things: 

  • Bacteria.
  • Cavities.
  • Badly fitted dentures.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Gum disease.
  • Infections. 

These are the most common causes of bad breath. Sometimes, we are cursed with mouth problems even if we do look after our teeth really well. And, bad breath is just a symptom of these things. 

Gum disease can catch you out even if you do look after your teeth, although it is less likely to do so if you do look after your teeth.

Reasons My Breath Smells Like Poop In The Morning?

Why Does My Breath Smell Like Poop

If you have fecal-smelling breath first thing in the morning, you might suffer from GERD. Not always, some of us just stink in the morning. However, most of the time, GERD can cause breath that smells like poop. 

Why? Well, the acid in your stomach flows back into your esophagus when you suffer from GERD, this backwash irritates the lining of your esophagus which makes you very uncomfortable, and your breath smells bad. 

If it happens in the night as you sleep, expect bad breath first thing in the morning. 

Consider learning the best position in which to sleep to prevent GERD from getting triggered at night if you are a sufferer of this condition.

Why Do I Have Poop Taste In My Mouth?

Having a crappy taste in your mouth is never nice, but the most common cause is gastroesophageal reflux disease. This condition causes your breath to smell like dung because your stomach acid is coming back up your esophagus. 

While poop taste in your mouth is usually a result of bad dental hygiene, it is not always, and sometimes it can simply be a sign for you to see your doctor because you may be suffering from GERD. 

It is important you see your doctor if you are experiencing poopy breath even when you are really stringent about looking after your overall hygiene, including dental hygiene. 

Why Do I Keep Smelling Poop In My Nose?

The smell of poop lingering if your mouth is one thing, one thing that typically denotes bad dental hygiene, GERD, a sinus infection, or something similar. However, if you are constantly smelling poop, that is something else. 

You might be experiencing phantosmia, which is the medical term for hallucinating a smell. The smells that come with phantosmia are typically bad smells, similar to sewage, feces, smoke, chemicals, or rot. 

Phantosmia can be triggered by a loud noise or the change of airflow that enters your nose. 

Can Your Breath Smell Like Poop If You Are Constipated?

toilet paper

While it is not incredibly likely, your breath can smell a bit ‘crappy’ if you are severely constipated. Bowel obstructions occur when the large or small intestines get blocked up. Digested foods can no longer travel through your body. 

When this happens, your intestines get blocked up and your stools and waste get backed up in your body. This happening can actually lead to bad breath that smells like poo. 

How To Treat Bad Breath That Smells Like Poop

The first thing you need to do is find out why your breath smells like poop. If you suffer from GERD, see a doctor and perhaps some medicine can help. If you are constipated, maybe laxatives are in order. 

However, the first thing you need to consider is your dental hygiene routine. Make it practice to brush your teeth 30 minutes after each meal, and floss every day. Use a balancing mouthwash each day, and brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria. 

Look after your mouth and it will look after you, but your whole body needs that kind of care anyway.


Often, the reason why you might experience bad-smelling breath that smells like poop is often due to bad oral hygiene.
However, there might be an underlying medical condition, so it’s always best to consult with your doctor!

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