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Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop

The human body is bizarre. It does things none of us can truly understand, like those sensitive areas on your body that twitch when touched, or how you make those stupid faces when tickled. 

But, what is one more weird aspect of the human body that none of us truly understand? Ahh, yes… why on earth do our noses run when we relieve our bowels

Nothing is worse than already having a rough time letting the ‘kids into the pool’ than suddenly having your nose leak as well. 

It makes us wonder what mother nature was thinking when she invented the human body. What an utter catastrophe if we cannot even poop without seeming like we are allergic to the mere action. 

So, why does this happen? Is there a reason for this bizarre phenomenon?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop

Why Does My Nose Run And Eyes Water When I Poop?

Strangely, your body will react to your having a poop, and not just in the weaving, winding bends of your colon. 

As your body prepares to let all hell loose into the blue waters below, nerves in your sinuses get all fired up. This makes our blood vessels widen and puts your body into sensory overdrive. 

You can get a runny nose from this, and if your eyes are watering too, this is also a byproduct. Since your sinuses connect your eyes and your nose, if one starts watering, the other usually does too. 

Being human makes no sense, does it?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop?

Your nose runs when you poop because your whole body is on special alert. Your body is in a sensory overdrive, and your nasal region nerves get all fired up. 

So, essentially your nerves in your rear end trigger your body to hardcore wake up, making your sinuses act like they have 14 espressos, every time you poop. 

It is even worse when you are having a very large or painful bowel movement, which will most certainly make your nose run, and your eyes water too. 

Why Does My Nose Run When I Pee?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Poop

If your nose is running when you pee, however, it is a whole different thing. If you have a cold and are drinking many soups or fluids, you may have a runny nose when you pee. 

However, if you have a cold, your nose is likely running all the time, and not just when you pee. 

But, these can also be symptoms or signs in older, or elderly men who may have complaints or a runny nose and frequent urination, often from having an enlarged prostate

If this sounds like you it is best to contact your doctor and speak to them about it. 

Should I Be Worried If My Nose Runs When I Poop?

There is absolutely no reason to be worried if your nose starts running when you take backside bathroom trips. 

Your rear end is just very sensitive, and going for a number 2 can trigger a response in the nerves in your sinuses as well. 

It is actually totally normal, and is considered to be a very normal and typical physiological response to having a poop, especially a big one! 

So, while you might feel weird about it, just know that everyone around you is likely experiencing the same thing, it’s just not a high topic of conversation at the dinner table! 

Reasons My Nose Bleeds When I Poop

If your nose is bleeding when you poop, this is a different thing. Constipation can cause nose bleeds, and straining and pressure can affect our bodies in weird ways. 

You should never strain to poop if you are backed up, laxatives are the answer, not pushing like you are trying to give birth. 

However, nose bleeds are usually the result of pressure building up, and if the blood vessels in your nose widen when you poop, you may be susceptible. 

However, it is not exactly typical, and best warrants a doctor’s visit.

If you have a condition such as a deviated septum, sinusitis, or if you have a bad cold, you may be more likely to experience this, but if your face looks like a horror movie whenever you poop… Maybe see a doctor!

To Summarise:

Your nosing running when you people are totally normal and nothing to be worried about.
If your nose, however, runs when you are peeing, it’s best to see a doctor, especially if you are elderly.
The same applies to your nose bleeding whilst pooping.

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