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Why Does Sugar Hurt My Teeth: All The Reasons

Sugar is one of those things that we cannot help but love. However, it does seem to be problematic for our pearly whites. 

Why is this? Well, it’s all thanks to how our mouths are made up. The bacteria that feed on sugar can cause issues. However, it’s all to do with the enamel on our teeth and plaque. Yes, that thing every dental advert ever warns you about…

But… Why and how does it hurt your teeth? And, more importantly, why does it sometimes cause actual physical pain?! 

I’ve got you, don’t worry yourself about it, stick around, and I will tell you everything you need to know about, how, why, and prevention of sugar-based tooth pains

Why Does Sugar Hurt My Teeth: All The Reasons

Why Does My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Sugar?

Well, the bacteria that chow down on the sugar in our mouths cause plaque, which forms under your gums and on your teeth. The acid that forms in these will damage the enamel on your teeth, which protects your tooth nerves. 

Once the enamel is gone, acid and bacteria alike can enter the tooth and just wreak havoc in there. 

Why Does Sugar Only Sometimes Hurt My Teeth?

Why Does Sugar Hurt My Teeth: All The Reasons

Some of us may have teeth that are sensitive to sweet foods. Having sensitive teeth, no matter what caused it, can be the endgame of tooth enamel loss. 

Your teeth might be sensitive to sugar because you have too many acidic foods in your diet or if you brushed too hard. If you brush too hard one day, this is the most likely cause of your teeth only being sensitive to sugar sometimes.

Why Are My Teeth Suddenly Sensitive To Sugar?

Reasons for teeth being too sensitive to sugar are usually similar to reasons why your teeth are only occasionally sensitive to sugar. 

Firstly, you should look at your diet, and what you eat. Is it high in acids? If you have a highly acidic diet, you could be wearing away the enamel on your teeth, and this can make your teeth very sensitive to sugar. 

Secondly, take a look at how you brush. If you are brushing too hard you can damage the enamel on your teeth yourself, and it will slowly expose the sensitive layers of your teeth, which will react with sugar which turns acidic when in your mouth.

Can Teeth Be Sensitive To Sugar?

Having a sensitivity to sweet foods is not at all uncommon, in fact, it is actually quite common. Many of us do not realize how sugar damages our teeth, we just know that it does. 

Educating ourselves on how it damages our teeth can help us better prevent these sensitivities. 

Does Sugar Hurt Your Teeth?

tooth brush

Sugar can and does hurt your teeth by turning acidic in your mouth and damaging the layer of enamel that protects your teeth. However, you can minimize this with good practice of hygiene and healthy habits, such as drinking water after a sugary treat to wash away most of the sugar. 

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat Sweets

If your teeth hurt when you eat sweets, or if you drink something sugary, then your teeth may be damaged or have a sensitivity. 

These heightened sensitivities are often caused by loss of tooth enamel, and sometimes cavities. 

Better dental care can prevent this. And no, you do not need to remove candies from your diet entirely, just practice better dental hygiene and habits. 

How Do You Stop Sugar From Damaging Your Teeth?

So, if you do not want to remove sugar and candies from your diet, you can start some healthy habits. 

Drinking water after eating a sugary treat can wash away some sugar from your mouth, preventing that acidic plaque from building up that would otherwise damage your teeth. 

You should also brush your teeth after eating sweets, but not straight away. Wait for 30 to 60 minutes before doing so. If you brush your teeth too soon after, you will damage the enamel, so wait at least half an hour and have a good brush.

Can Sugar Make Your Gums Hurt?

Can Sugar Make Your Gums Hurt?

If sugar is making your gums hurt, then you have probably already got quite the issue with plaque buildup. Plaque is formed by the bacteria that feed on the sugar in your mouth. Plaque is acidic and will eat away at the enamel on your teeth, and it will also crawl under your gums. 

This can cause some issues. If your gums hurt, a dental hygienist can clear away the plaque if it is not too severe already. 

How To Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain Immediately

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, it is advisable to do a few things. Here are some to consider: 

  • Use sensitive tooth toothpaste. 
  • Use soft toothbrushes and do not brush too hard.
  • Sleep with a mouth guard in. 
  • Visit your dentist.
  • Use a warm salt water mouthwash.

How Do You Get Rid Of Sensitive Teeth From Sweets?


If the enamel on your teeth has not yet been damaged, and you want to avoid sensitive teeth, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Also, consider starting a flossing routine, and use a mouthwash, but avoid alcohol-based ones.

How Do You Make Your Teeth Stop Hurting After Eating Sweets?

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, regardless of the cause, you should use sensitive tooth toothpaste and try using a sensitive tooth-specific manual toothbrush to be gentle on your teeth. Seek out your dentist as well as they will be able to properly assess the situation. 

They can advise you on what to do for your specific situation and how you can lessen the pain.


white sugar

Sugar unfortunately doesn’t do our teeth any good. However, there are ways to ease up the symptoms, particularly if you have sensitive teeth.
Make sure you reduce the amount of sugar you consume, if you can, and go to the dentist to do your checks regularly!

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