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Why Everybody Should Watch Game Changers Documentary

Why Everybody Should Watch Game Changers Documentary
Why Everybody Should Watch Game Changers Documentary? –  Because it’s the best Documentary on Netflix that can convince you that the plant-based diet is the healthiest and best diet.

The documentary also shows you how everything we were made to believe is a total lie because it turned out it was all for money. They tell you how good for the bones milk is because if you believe it, you will buy it. Which means it will fill someone’s pockets.
I mean, if you convince the people and show it on the tv that if you eat grass you will live longer. You will notice that the demand for grass will increase which means people would want to fill their pockets so they will open farms and produce tons of grass because people are going to buy it, sure, expand it and sell it. It will fill your pocket.

That’s what happened with the meat and dairy industry.

They made people believe that you need meat to grow strong and get protein, and you need milk for strong bones. So the market is mad for it.
That means that a bunch of people are filling their pockets with money with their lies and cruelty to the animals.

The American Cancer Society goes hand in hand with the meat and dairy industry

Because eating meat and consuming dairy and any animal products are bad for your health, it especially increases the risk of cancer. To treat cancer is super expensive. If people are sick with cancer, the governments will fill their pockets with the treatment money people will have to pay to treat cancer, right? So what does that mean? The government wants you to eat meat because if you do, you will have a higher chance of getting cancer and if you get cancer, you will spend a lot of money to treat it, so it fills someone’s pocket. Mad and sad, isn’t it?
But seriously, if you want to see it for yourself, go to the American Cancer Society website and go to their ‘healthy’ recipes category and you will notice that 90% of all their recipes include meat or dairy.

The sad reality is, that it’s all about money.

Why Everybody Should Watch Game Changers Documentary

People will do anything for money, after all, we work for money all our lives. For me, this documentary changed my whole mindset on everything.
It opened my eyes to the meat and dairy industry. The reason why this documentary is so convincing is because they present you with real facts and real people test a plant-based diet to prove its benefits.

The Bottom Line:

So this is Why Everybody Should Watch Game Changers Documentary. If you are just someone who wants to eat healthier, or you are someone who wants to become vegan, this is the right place to start. Watch this documentary and it will open your eyes to our sad reality and all the lies we have been fed.

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