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Why It’s Important To Eat Breakfast

Why It’s Important To Eat Breakfast.

Now there are quite a lot of people who don’t eat breakfast at all or drink a cup of coffee and call it a day, or have a bowl full of refined sugar loaded processed cereal like frosted flakes, but believe me that a healthy breakfast is really important. I will explain why in this article…

1. Breakfast gives you the energy to start the day and gives a kick start to your metabolism. It also regulates your blood pressure, by breaking the night fast.

According to some researches, the largest investigation of long-term weight loss maintenance, one of the common denominators among individuals who have successfully lost and maintained weight were breakfast eaters. How this happens is not entirely understood. It was popularly believed that when individuals skipped breakfast, they would overeat at later meals.

3. It is important for a person’s overall health to start their day with a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast that includes fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins is a good start. But for people interested in losing weight, it is important to watch food portions, including breakfast portions, to reduce the amount of calories they consume in a day.

4. Eating breakfast reduces the chance of overeating later in the day.

Remember, breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day and can motivate you to keep eating healthy throughout the day.

For me personally, it’s best to eat several snacks until lunch so that you don’t wait too long between meals, otherwise, you would want food, you will get “hangry “and will end up indulging into unhealthy food, like pastries, breakfast bars and load up with a lot of extra calories you don’t need. We don’t want that, we need to keep giving our body little healthy snacks to keep it satisfied.

So let’s try eating a couple of healthy snacks within our calorie goals!
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                                                            Breakfast examples:

For the early risers:

7 am – 200g of dairy-free yogurt with a handful of mixed berries = 150 calories

8 am – Black coffee or tea

Drink water in between!

8.30 am – 20g of peanut butter and a small banana(or large apple) = 200 calories

Drink water in between

10 am – Marmite on 2 whole-grain slices of toast – 260 calories

Total for breakfast = 610 calories.

You are already on a good track with 2 out of your five a day already!


For The Late Risers:


9 am – 30g of porridge  oats with almond milk, 2 chopped dates, a pinch of cinnamon  and a small banana = 310 calories

Drink water between snacks!

9.30 am coffee or tea

10. 30 am – half an avocado on a whole-grain toast = 260 calories

11.30 am – a medium-sized orange = 100 calories

Total calories = 680.

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