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Can You Be Vegan In The Military

Have you considered going into the military? For many, the military is a great career, and it is one to be admired. However, if you are vegan, you may have some concerns about entering the military with your diet. 

Many of us know that while the military is getting more accepting, there are still some flaws in acceptance. So, what about vegans? 

Well, what we do know is that they accommodate halal, kosher, and vegetarian diets for troops. However, there are no MREs that are entirely plant-based. 

However, there are different areas of the military, so let’s consider this in full together. 

Can You Be Vegan In The Military

Does The Military Support Vegan Diets?

The military accommodates a lot of diets, from halal and kosher diets to vegetarian diets. However, we do know that there are no MREs available for troops that are entirely plant-based. I.e. vegan. 

MREs are ‘meals ready to eat, which are what soldiers who have been deployed will rely on for their three meals per day.

What Do Vegan Soldiers Eat?

Can You Be Vegan In The Military

At the time of writing, soldiers in the military are fighting for a plant-based option. But, currently, there is no way you can actually be vegan in the US military. 

Vegan soldiers struggle, as most of the MREs that they are given, entrées and sides included, will involve egg or milk products. So, you can be vegetarian in the military, but not vegan, as there is dairy in the MREs.

Can You Be Vegan In The Navy?

There are different visions on this. A vegan option does not seem to be provided outright in the navy. However, there is a comment by a naval officer who was vegan while deployed in the middle of the ocean. 

This person stated that while onboard the ship, the primary food line was always offering animal protein, a hot beverage, and carbohydrates. 

They survived on mostly carbohydrates, with oatmeal and legumes to help boost up their protein. They did state that sometimes carbs on the main line were cooked with butter, so they had to ask. 

In this sense, it is possible to be vegan in the navy, but know your options are very restrictive. 

Can I be Vegan In The Air Force?

air force

The same can be said for the air force. Not only due to the diet, however. In the air force and most other divisions in the military, uniforms are often made with wool or leather. 

Obviously, for many vegans, this is a hardcore no-go zone. 

Theoretically, you can be vegan in the Air Force, however, it will not be easy. Being a strict vegan in the air force will be very tough.

Can You Be Vegan In The Air Force?

In the Air Force, there are no vegan meal options, and much of the uniform is often made via animal by-products such as wool or leather. While in theory, you can be vegan in the Air Force, it will be highly restrictive. 


Only very recently, the US Air Force started to bring in vegan burgers. While this still does not give vegan troops a huge amount of options, it does provide vegans with something more than carbs and salads for their time in service. 

Hopefully, they will branch out, and other divisions will follow suit.

Can You Be Vegan In The Army UK?

Can You Be Vegan In The Army UK?

In the UK, however, things are different. The UK Ministry of Defense covers all dietary requirements, including veganism. 

The UK Army states that “Healthy living and fitness in the Army is vitally important, and we encourage a nutrient-rich and balanced diet across all ends of military service.” 

This means that they understand the importance of health and nutrition in the Army, regardless of the diet, by choice or otherwise. 

Can You Be Vegan In Basic Training?

In the UK, yes, but in the US no, they are still working on it. Things are changing though. As more millennials shift to vegan diets, the military needs to change with this if they want to keep up their troop numbers and attract people into the military.

Does The Army Have Vegan MREs

In the United States, you will not find any vegan MREs, however, in the United Kingdom you will, and that is in every Army division in the UK as well. 

The United States is slowly following suit, with the Air Force introducing vegan burgers. However, it is a long road ahead.

Does The Army Have Vegan Options

In the United Kingdom, vegans have plenty of options, and what’s more. The MoD Vegan and Vegetarian Network are campaigning for vegan uniforms as well! 

There is a hope that the UK Army will soon be fully in tune with vegan requirements, allowing vegans and vegetarians to maintain their lifestyle alongside military service. 

What Do Vegan Soldiers Eat

In the US, a soldier could spend a month eating little other than bread, crackers, peanut butter, and canned veg, perhaps the odd vegan burger here and there.

In the UK, things are very different, with many more options. 

Things are changing, though, and it is likely we will soon see more vegan options available in the US military.

Vegan In Canadian Military.

canadian flag

In the Canadian Armed Forces you can get any diet fulfilled, be it halal, kosher, vegetarian, or vegan. I can’t tell you how great the vegan options are myself. I haven’t tasted them, but the Canadian Military does offer vegan options to their troops. 


For some countries like the UK, veganism in the army is a thing, and the army accommodates different dietary requirements, however, it isn’t the same in the USA.
Saying that times are changing, and I am sure very soon, the US army will fully cater to vegan soldiers.

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