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25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

If you are looking to get a vegan tattoo – you have to check out these vegan tattoo ideas!
Getting your forever mark on your body is a big commitment, and often, getting a tattoo has meaning to us.

What better meaningful tattoo than a tattoo that resembles veganism? I have a few friends who got some epic tattoos about veganism.

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

But, I also want to share some more vegan tattoo ideas that you may wanna check out and get inspired with.

So, stick till the end, because you will get your mind blown by all the epic vegan tattoos.

Vegan Tattoo Ideas

There are different types of vegan tattoo symbolism, it can be in the form of an animal, letters and much more, so let me show you some ideas below:

1. Bunny Tattoo 

vegan bunny tattoo

Photo Credit @vegantattoostudios

I like this one because bunnies often symbolize cruelty-free and veganism.
This tattoo isn’t just limited to your hand, it can be inked pretty much anywhere in your body.

2. Small Tattoo Symbolizing Friendship With Animals

Photo Credit @vegantattoostudios

If you are into small and cute tattoos – this one is for you. It symbolizes our love and friendship with animals.

3. Heart-Shaped Cow Tattoo

cow tattoo

Photo Credit @vegantattoostudios

Cows are another representation of the vegan diet. Cows typically suffer the most in the hands of humanity, their exploitation and pain are beyond imagination.
So a cow tattoo is pretty common among vegans.

4. Cow & Cat Tattoo

Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Photo Credit

Another beautiful cow tattoo on the arm. This is a clean and cute tattoo.

5. Friends Not Food Tattoo

Friends Not Food Tattoo

Photo Credit

A super cute and clean bold tattoo representing vegan beliefs. This tattoo is for those people who are openly proud to be vegan and want to show it!

6. Vegan Heart Tattoo

Vegan Heart Tattoo

Photo Credit @aimeeloutattoo

A very popular one! One of my friends has an almost identical tattoo on their thigh.

7. Vegan Planet Tattoo

Vegan Planet Tattoo

Photo Credit @bastardvlado

If you love a bit of color and want something different than black ink, this tattoo is just perfect. It’s clean and it represents the whole world being vegan. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

8. Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Photo Credit @kim_rossini

I personally love this one. It represents everything veganism is. Cows’ milk isn’t for humans. A beautiful back tattoo with a cow family.

9. Future Is Vegan Tattoo

Photo Credit @carolatattooart

I personally like this tattoo a lot. It’s small, clean, tidy, and represents exactly what it says. This tattoo can be inked everywhere in the body you desire.

10. Beautiful Colored Cow Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Photo Credit @vegantattoostudios

How can you not like this tattoo? It’s gentle and colorful, and the cow is just beautiful!

11. Vegan Tattoo With Broccoli

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To

How cute is this tattoo? I think it’s absolutely adorable! Perfect for someone looking for a bit more gentle and colorful!

12. V Shaped Dark Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @monocletattoo

A very bold dark-inked tattoo on the arm that has a beautiful V shape.

13. Vegan For Them Tattoo

Credit To @thefullveganalchemist

Another beautiful tattoo that is very bold and clear about its meaning.

14. Not Food Tattoo

Not Food Tattoo

Credit To @guidus_tattooer

Pigs are also a big symbol of veganism. This tattoo has a beautiful pig and a rabbit, and it states the obvious of everything veganism is.

15. Back Tattoo of A Cow

Back Tattoo of A Cow

Credit To @thewaterwitch

This one is big and bold. A beautiful cow that covers quite a big chunk of the back. It’s beautiful and is certainly bold.

16. Beautiful Delicate Vegan Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @bianca.tattooart

These types of tattoos are definitely up my street. I love gentle and delicate tattoos, that are quite small, but to the point.

17. Bunnies Kissing Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @crimsonarrowtattoo

This tattoo is gentle and beautiful, and it represents veganism in a gentle way.

18. Until Every Cage Is Empty Tattoo

until every cage is free tattoo

Credit To @krzywa_kreska_tatuaze

This tattoo is strong and has a wonderful deep meaning to it.

19. Carrying Lamb Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @kelly_mcquirktattoo

How cute is this tattoo? Honestly! You need this tattoo ASAP!

20. Girl Hugging a Cow

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @holaairamtattoo

This tattoo represents the friendship between humans and animals. We are all friends!

21. Bee Kind Tattoo

Bee Kind Tattoo

Credit To @paulacastletattoos

How cute is this? It’s colorful, and can be inked on your arms, legs, and even back!

22. Soy Milk Tattoo


Credit To @supersteatattoo

If you are after something a bit more fun, then look no more! This is a funky tattoo idea.

23. Go Vegan Tattoo

go vegan tattoo

Credit To @polyformtattoo

If you are someone who likes to encourage others to go vegan, then this tattoo is for you!

24. Friends Not Food Smiling Animal Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @dmare.tattooist

Once again, how cute is this tattoo? Representing the core of what veganism is. The friendship between animals and humans. Vegans don’t see animals as food, they see them as friends.

25. Chicken On Top Of Pig Tattoo

25 Vegan Tattoos Ideas

Credit To @sondertattoo

This tattoo is very cute. Pigs and chickens just like many other animals are exploited and killed, so this tattoo is a great way to show your love for animals.


Well, I hope you got inspired for your next ink! There are many many other tattoo ideas out there that are perfectly designed to represent veganism.
Just make sure that you look after your tattoos, and avoid shaving, or waxing them until they are properly healed.
Getting a tattoo is a big decision, so make sure your ink means something to you, and what better way to celebrate veganism, than with a tattoo?

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