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16 Warm Vegan Winter Boots You Need This Winter

Are you on the hunt for some comfy winter boots that do not compromise your vegan lifestyle? Winter is a rough season and staying warm is so important but you don’t want to compromise your morals! 

Sadly, warm winter boots for vegans are hard to find as so much is made with leather, suede, wool, fur, and so on. However, I decided enough was enough, there has to be something out there. Right? 

Luckily for me and you, there are some major boots brands that while not 100% vegan, do offer some winter boot options. 

I am defining vegan boots here as shoes that were made with no animal materials. So, ready to take a look and get nice and cozy and warm? I sure am! 

Vegan Winter Boots

Brands Of Winter Boots For Vegans

Take a look at what I found below! 

Brand Name Are They 100% Vegan?
Vegetarian Shoes Yes
Kamik No
Hunter No
Columbia No
Cougar No
Skechers No
Noize Yes
Helly Hansen No
Baffin No
Sorel No
The North Face No
Matt & Nat Yes
Xero Shoes Yes
La Maison Simons No
Merrell Yes


#1.Vegetarian Shoes

If you want to find vegan boots for winter which look awesome and super stylish then this brand has a great collection. Their boots are not always waterproof but they are always water resistant. It is a great choice for everyday use to keep your toes and feet from getting icy.

All of these shoes are vegan, including the glues used! 

Check out their range here!

#2. Kamik

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Sadly not all of the Kanik boots are vegan, they do use animal leather in some of the styles but they do have a vegan variety of winter boots. They do label their shoes too, so you can clearly see which ones are vegan and which ones are not. 

Check out one of their vegan boots here!

Kamik also notes that their vegan shoe selection uses vegan glue as well!

#3. Hunter


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Hunter is well known for their rubber rain boots that are also vegan, however, not all of their boots are vegan as some contain animal materials. They do have some snow boots suitable for vegans though, and the lining and insoles of the footwear are made with recycled goods. 

Hunter, thankfully, labels which of their boots are vegan as they are labeled as ‘Certified Vegan’ on their site! 

Check out some of their vegan boots here

#4. Columbia

Columbia offers awesome quality and high-performance winter boots, however, not all of their boots are vegan, as they use animal leather and suede. However, some of their waterproof boots are made fully vegan. 

Annoyingly, they do not label their shoes as vegan so you do need to check the composition of them to ensure they are not made with animal products. Most of their Omni-Heat styles tend to be vegan. Avoid their leather or suede boots as they tend to be animal leather not synthetic leather! 

Check out their range here!

#5. Cougar


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Cougar makes modern waterproof footwear that is also functional. However, not all of their shoes are vegan, but there are some which are vegan. You should avoid any that look ‘leathery’, as it is usually animal leather that is used. 

Thankfully, this is a brand that labels its vegan shoes so it is easier to filter. 

Cougars also note that their glues do not contain animal by-products either! 

Check out their products here

#6. Skechers

Skechers are well known, and we all know they are not vegan as most of their boots include animal leather or suede. However, there are some vegan boots for cold weather in their range. They use suede textured materials and micro-leather to make it look real, but without it being real! 

Their shoes are well known for long walks and comfort. 

Sketchers have confirmed that the glues in their products are water-based and not from animals, so their shoe glues are also vegan-friendly! 

Check out their products here! 

#7. Noize

Noize is 100% vegan. Some of their winter boots are unisex but their sizes are mostly women’s. Their boots are all vegan with some pro-eco materials such as recycled water bottles and fill. 

Check out what they offer here

#8. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is well known for professional sports and outdoor apparel which is made to keep you protected in harsh environments. Most boots contain suede or leather, however, there are some which are synthetic, however, they are not advertised as being vegan. 

Yet, it turns out that these are actually free of animal-based adhesives and materials! Woo! 

Check out what they offer right here

#9. Baffin


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Baffin is a company known for being innovative and leading in outwear. Their focus is innovative footwear and high-performing apparel. They are not totally vegan but do offer some winter boots for vegans. 

Their vegan selection is identified on their website, simply look for the vegan icon in the featured portion of the product descriptions. Their vegan boots also contain vegan glues!

Check out what they sell here

#10. Sorel

SOREL makes waterproof winter boots that keep you dry, warm, and comfy. But, not their whole range is vegan as they use skins and furs of animals. However, some are vegan-friendly but you will need to read every shoe composition as they do not label them! 

They also cannot guarantee their glues are vegan either, so this may be a bit of a deal breaker for some dedicated vegans out there! 

 Check out their options here!

#11. The North Face

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Finally, The North Face has released a limited amount of vegan winter boots which are made with ThermoBall Eco insulation that keeps your feet nice and cozy. Most contain leather or suede however, one of their boots such as the Women’s ThermoBall Lace Up Waterproof Boots has 4 colors, and all appear to be synthetic and vegan! 

They have also stated their glues are synthetic and therefore vegan! 

Check out the aforementioned vegan winter boot here

#12. REI

REI is an outdoor retailer that offers plenty of outdoor clothing, shoes, and so on. They are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, affordable, sustainable, and vegan and are made from recycled fabric and bio-based materials. 

They are 100% vegan.

Check out their range here

#13. Matt & Nat

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Matt & Natt is a Canadian designer brand making vegan, high-quality waterproof boots, all made with recycled materials and cruelty-free. 

Some of the materials that they use in their products include cork, rubber, polyurethane, and rubber. 

They are 100% vegan! 

Check out what they offer here

#14. Xero Shoes

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Xero shoes are a brand that makes lightweight, comfy, vegan winter boots made for athletics, walking, and running. They have flexible soles that are made to shape the human foot. 

They are made with recycled materials, and are 100% vegan, allowing you to enjoy everything you love about shoes with protection and comfort and all that you love about being vegan! 

And, they are a 100% vegan brand. 

Check out their range here

#15. La Maison Simons

La Maison Simons is a Canadian brand that makes shoes, clothes, and jewelry from organic and recycled materials. They make many vegan-friendly, ethical winter boots. 

They create footwear that combines durability with the importance of environmental standards. Also, They use natural and sustainable materials for their ‘eco-friendly’ Vision collection. 

The whole brand is not vegan, however, they have a lot of vegan products in their roster. 

Check out their products here

#16. Merrell


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Merrell is a clothing, shoe, and accessory brand in the US that focuses on the creation of recycled, minimalist, vegan attire. They provide waterproof, eco-friendly, vegan winter boots for hikes, walking, and running. 

Furthermore, they make shoes with sneaker-styled comfort and support enough to boost your confidence sky-high! They have great traction, increased resistance, and a better fit. Also, theuse recycled, vegan materials that give you comfort and help you to keep your feet in their natural position. 

They strive to inspire all people to delve into the outdoors and maintain a more healthy home life and environment. Their goal is to provide the best product they possibly could while still preserving the planet for future generations to enjoy. 

Their entire brand is 100% vegan! So, shop away! 

Check out some of their products here


It is not easy to find vegan winter boots, but luckily many of these brands do. Today, I have shown you 6 brands that are entirely vegan, and 10 which are mostly vegan or at the very least have vegan winter boot options. 

So, no longer do your feet have to be freezing cold and wet in the winter. Now, you can hike, walk, run, and do whatever you want to do with warm, cozy, happy feet, and your morals are still intact! 

It is a good time to be vegan! 


Are Vegan Shoes Waterproof?

Most vegan shoes are waterproof, not all will be, but the brands we have looked at today all provide vegan shoes (winter boots) which are waterproof! 

Is Vegan Leather OK In Snow?

Faux leather is a brilliant material for snow as it can bear heavy snowfall and cold temperatures. However, you need to ensure that you are properly maintaining your faux leather and keeping it in good condition, no matter what! Snow, or no snow! 

Is Vegan Leather As Warm As Real Leather

Faux leather is man-made and is very durable, in fact, it is considered to be stronger than real leather when looked after properly and taken good care of. 

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