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What Is Enzyme Coffee? And Is It Worth Trying

If you are a coffee lover and a health enthusiast, you are probably all about finding a coffee that will become the best of both worlds for you, and who could blame you, nothing beats a good cup of coffee, and little more can be even better than a coffee that is healthy.

That is why we are curious about enzyme coffees. These are reportedly coffees that help to break down fat cells in our bodies. According to claims, these enzymes are naturally found in the coffee bean and usually end up being destroyed in the process of roasting. 

However, some companies claim to have found a way in which they can preserve the enzymes. Although, these enzymes are never named. 

This leads us to ask, what exactly these proclaimed enzyme coffees are and if it is even worth spending money on them to try them. Today, we will answer both of these questions for you and then some! 

What Is Enzyme Coffee?

What Is Enzyme Coffee?

Enzyme coffee is apparently coffee that has not had the enzymes affected by the roasting process… Or at least this is the claim. 

There is an issue that both coffee companies and health specialists have with this. You see, one of the companies that promote these products is Wawee coffee, which stated 

“The enzymes in the coffee contain required coenzymes for fat metabolism that may assist in the oxidative breakdown of fatty acids into mitochondria”. 

Why is this an issue? Well, it is a secret coenzyme that apparently breaks fats into mitochondria. If you don’t know, mitochondria are fully functioning respiratory cells that contain their own DNA. You cannot make these out of lipids, or anything, they need to have nuclear gene products and mitochondrial gene products. 

So, what enzyme coffee actually is, is still a bit of a big question mark! 

A few people have looked into it and said that it is just instant coffee. However, studies have also been done that show that freeze-dried instant coffee may be able to promote the action of antioxidant enzymes and help to induce weight loss. 

So, what enzyme coffee truly is, is something of a mystery, however, let’s assume for a moment that enzyme coffee is 100% real and legitimate, and the actual specific enzyme names are not being disclosed right now for the same reason no one knows the secret ingredient used at KFC! 

What Is The Difference Between Regular Coffee And Enzyme Coffee?

So, what is the actual difference? Well, enzyme coffee is a powdered coffee that has added chromium, green tea leaf extract, guarana, green coffee bean extract, and yerba mate all mixed together (apparently). Normal coffee is made from simple coffee beans. 

From how we understand it, all coffee beans contain special enzymes, it is natural in them. However, normally, the process of roasting the bean kills off these enzymes. Enzyme coffee does not suffer from this, instead, the enzymes are still present.  

However, is this totally true? Well, yes and no. You see, even if we were to take enzyme coffee out of the picture entirely, caffeine is naturally known to have benefits with weight loss, as is the purpose of enzyme coffee. 

Taking this into account, if you were to consume a lot of caffeine, it would have the same sort of effect as is sought after by that drinking enzyme coffee. 

Circling back around, enzyme coffee is different from regular coffee in the fact that it contains enzymes, which, in regular coffee are killed off. 

What Is Enzyme Coffee?

How Does Coffee With Enzymes Help You Lose Weight?

Enzyme coffee is said to help by turning fats into mitochondria. Mitochondria make up the majority of energy used by a cell. 

The reason that this is disputed is that mitochondria need to have their own genetic material, and this can hardly be taken from body fat. 

But, let’s talk about the validity of the claims that enzyme coffee helps you lose weight…

But Does It Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Enzymes don’t help you lose weight. 

Wow? Yeah, let’s drop a bombshell now. 

Even when we are not talking about enzyme coffee, enzymes alone do not help you lose weight, specifically, digestive enzymes, which would be the ones claimed to be in this coffee. There have been multiple reports on how the premise of enzyme coffee is basically just a scam.

And, if we are honest, after looking into the science of it, it really does sound to be that way, but you can make your own mind up about that. 

The theory around the possibility that enzyme coffee could help you lose weight is that some enzymes can increase energy production, and will break down fat and carbs, helping the body to lose weight. However, this does not include digestive enzymes. 

Coffee itself does contain stimulants that can help you to lose weight, however, enzyme coffee is basically just the same. 

Sadly, from most of what we can tell, enzyme coffee does exactly what any other coffee does, it won’t magically take away your weight, and it won’t make you shed pounds fast, no more than your average cup of joe would.

Enzyme Coffee Side Effects?

Enzyme coffee is also said to have no side effects, there have been no reports of anyone having problems after drinking enzyme coffee. You should just make sure that when you buy it you do what you would do with anything else. 

Always check expiry dates and check the packaging for any instructions or warnings before you drink it. 

Aside from the standard safety behaviors, however, there are no side effects, so your precautions should only be as usual for any other type of coffee or food. 

Where Can I Buy Enzyme Coffee?

One of the easiest places to buy Enzyme coffee is online. 

Amazon.com has many options for Enzyme coffee that you should look at if you are interested in this coffee.

A few popular enzyme coffees + weight loss coffees include:

What People Have Said And Experienced Drinking Enzyme Coffee?

Now, we want to specifically look at what people have said after drinking enzyme coffee. 

Note: We are specifically talking about enzyme coffee here, not all weight-loss coffees. 

For this purpose, we decided to take a look at DAYES Enzyme Fermented Whole Bean Coffee

The issue we found with the reviews on this coffee was that a majority of the positive reviews were subheaded as ‘Vine Customer Review of Free Product’. Most of these reviewers commented on the taste of the coffee and not its weight-loss effects. 

I got the roasted one, and it was very smooth, and the smell was very pleasing. I really like good coffee, and this hits the mark.” – Ann: ⅘ stars. 

Most of the other comments are in regard to its low caffeine content, which is great if you do not like a lot of caffeine in your coffee, but to us, it kind of defeats the purpose of an enzyme-based weight loss coffee such as the one sold on perihurl.com.

Moving on, a doctor recently reviewed another enzyme coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, which has suspiciously changed some of the info on its page… Hmmm. Even this doctor has stated that there is nothing in this coffee that is special. 

It is possible for people to lose weight with help of coffee, however, coffee alone is not going to work any magic for you.

There have also been a lot of TikTok videos going around about people using this coffee, oftentimes it links to a page that sells instant slimming coffee and mentioned L-Carnitine, and sure while L-Carnitine can help you use more fat during exercise, it is not a weight loss method. 

As doctors who have looked into this have reported “The only way for you to transform your physique in this particular way is to burn more calories than you consume with a combination of exercise and modifying the diet”. 

We are sorry to report that while enzyme coffees, slimming coffees, and L-Carnitine can help you to shed extra weight, they are not weight loss aids, as doctors are reporting. 


Does Enzyme Coffee Have Caffeine?

Enzyme coffee does contain caffeine, however, some are low in caffeine, however, we are yet to see an enzyme coffee that is decaf! 

Is Slimming Coffee Safe?

Slimming coffees are safe to consume, and there have been no reported side effects, however, we cannot vouch for the validity of the product.

Can Coffee Reduce Belly Fat?

Coffee can naturally help you to burn fat, however, this is not a lot. Caffeine naturally helps you to slim, but it is not a method of weight loss by any means.

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