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Where To Buy Vegan Steak: And Best Brands

One of the biggest banes to being vegan is missing out on some delicacy foods. You see people eating at posh restaurants having complex dishes, while you are often sitting with something mundane. While many caterers are getting better with being innovative with vegan food, there is still room for improvement. 

If only we could have more plant-based versions of meats that allow for these delicate dishes. Perhaps a vegan steak. 

But wait, vegan steaks are a thing? 

Oh yes, there are! Let me tell you about them! 

Where To Buy Vegan Steak: And Best Brands

Are There Plant-Based Steaks?

Innovative plant-based steaks have been a thing for a while now. Companies are getting more inventive and now you can pick up plant-based steaks in many superstores. However, there’s a new beast to look out for. 

Urbani Foods, a former meat company, is now making a gorgeous marbled vegan ribeye steak

It taps into the idea of sustainable plant-based meats to be able to replicate a whole cut with exceptional quality. This vegan rib eye steak is wildly realistic in relation to the actual meat and is now on sale through the brand ‘Misteak’! 

What Is Vegan Steak Made Of?

Vegan steaks are usually made with lentils, seasonings, and vital wheat glutens to craft a tender but somehow chewy steak. This is just some though, such as the seitan steaks, but each vegan steak will be made differently. 

They are high in protein, with plenty of nutrition, and most importantly look like a steak and taste great too! 

Is Vegan Steak Healthy?

Where To Buy Vegan Steak

photo credit @vivera_UK

Any plant-based meat will contain saturated fats, but they do contain much less saturated fat than animal meats typically do. Plant-based meats will also contain fiber and protein as well. However, it usually does not have as much protein as animal-based meats. 

This means that vegan steaks are actually healthy, and may be more healthy than an animal steak. They could just do it with a bit more protein! 

Which Vegan Meat Is Best?

Which vegan meat is best? That is a matter of opinion really, but let’s look at some of the most popular vegan meats. 

  • Tofurky Deli Slices.
  • Gardein Crispy Tenders.
  • Upton Naturals Seitan Bacon.
  • Field Roast Apple Maple Sausages.
  • Beyond Meat ground Beef.
  • Guardian Meatballs.
  • Ray’s Wheat Meat. 

Of course, there are plenty of other options, but these are most definitely the brands that have the most popular right now for their meatless meats, and each of them seems to have a specialty that people love the most. 

However, it is totally up to you to decide which is best, after all, I might label something as being the best, but you don’t like it. It’s all about personal tastes. 

Best Vegan Steaks And Where To Buy Them

Of course, there is something else that will dictate what is best. Do you live in the UK, or in the US? Because sadly while both countries have a lot in common, vegan meatless meat brands are not always one of these similarities. 

Best Vegan Steaks UK 

photo credit @itdoesnttastelikechicken

In the UK, you have a few options, and some of them will be easy to get, however, if you want to go all out on a steak, it may be more tricky. 

One of the best vegan steaks would be Sgaia Mheat Steak, if you want this, you will want to go on the ‘TheVeganKind’ website to get it for the best price there. 

If you want something more accessible then try Vivera Plant Steak. Sadly these are low in protein, but they are high in fiber and low in sugar. You can get these with ease at Sainsbury’s, so you can just grab some during your monthly grocery shop!  

Best Vegan Steaks US

In the US, you have so many more options. However, I would probably have to rate Beyond Meat’s steaks as the best. I have several reasons here, firstly they are widely available, so they are easy to get whether you live in a city or in a rural town. They also have plant-based seared tips, which I find delicious. 

You can get these at Walmart with ease. What’s not to love?

Where To Buy No Bull Mushroom Steak?

If you want to buy No Bull Mushroom Steaks, hit up Iceland in the UK for an incredible deal on them. 

Is There Vegan Steak Restaurant?

Now, as far as having a vegan steak restaurant there are a few things. 

There are now popular steakhouses offering vegan steaks. There are diners in California offering vegan steaks, and in NYC as well. 

But, Vegan Cannibal Steakhouse is what I want to talk about. This is run by a company called liquid death, they hate typical marketing and are trying to inspire health and stop plastic pollution, in the meanwhile, you can go to their Steakhouse and order vegan meat.

Find them in Los Angeles and New York City. They’re a bit eccentric and are still in testing but are worth a try! 

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