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Are Crayola Markers Vegan – The Answers

Are Crayola Markers Vegan - The Answers

Are Crayola markers vegan – the answers for you today!

This one is for the vegan artists out there. There are plenty of creative vegans out there asking “ Are Crayola markers vegan yes or no?” Typically the answer would be no, as most art supplies do tend to have animal content. 

Some supplies will include bone char, ox gall, gelatin, carmine, rabbit, and even some paint brushes can be unethical. But what about Crayola markers? 

So, here I am, answering your question, Crayola markers, are they vegan?

Well… No.  

What Are Crayola Markers Are They Vegan?

Are Crayola Markers Vegan - The Answers

Crayola is a massive brand, and most households will recognize the name. It’s been a household brand name for over a century (or nearly) and they have been exceedingly popular with children who have a creative side. 

Typically, these markers made by Crayola are not vegan. Or, at least there are several aspects to these markers that many vegans may not find appealing 

Are Crayola Markers Vegan Friendly?

Sadly, no, Crayola markers are not vegan friendly, they are not suitable for vegans, so sadly you will need to find another brand of marker for your art. Although, there are now art companies tailored to vegetarians and vegans. 

Are Black Crayola Markers Vegan?

Black Crayola markers are not vegan either, even though you might think they would be. They are made using stearic acid, which can be from a plant or animal source. 

Irritatingly, Crayola notes that their stearic acid is the one that comes from animals. So, not even the most common color is vegan! 

How many colors of Crayola marker are there?  Well, there are 120 overall and NONE of them are vegan! 

Are Crayola Washable Markers Vegan?

Are Crayola Washable Markers Vegan?

Not even the Crayola washable markers are vegan. That stearic acid that they use in the production of their markers is in every color and every type of their markers is vegan. 

Are Crayola Whiteboard Markers Vegan?

Just like the rest of their products, the Crayola whiteboard markers are also not vegan, they also contain that stearic acid we mentioned before. 

Do Crayola Markers Have Animals In Them?

Are Crayola Washable Markers Vegan?

Simply put, Crayola’s ingredients in their markers are ‘trade secrets’ which means that while I can get ahold of some information I do not have a long list of what is in their markers and for this reason, I definitely cannot say yes. 

They have however noted that some of their products ‘MAY’ contain animal products, which makes it hard for a vegan to feel comfortable using their products. 

They do state, however, that they do not test their products on animals (at least there is that I suppose), but some of their products do contain animal by-products. 

So, while they are not tested on animals, they do contain animals. 

Their markers contain stearic acid which comes from beef fat, however, they may also contain carmine, which is found in insects, as well as bone char and perhaps more. 

Do note these ingredients are speculated, so I cannot guarantee all of them to exist in Crayola products, but they may be there, and for me… That’s more than enough.  

Are Crayola markers Cruelty-Free?

All I know is that Crayola markers are not tested on animals, however, I cannot say that they are cruelty-free as they contain animal by-products, which makes them not vegan. 

We do not know how they source these animal by-products, as a great deal of the information on how these markers (or any of their products for that matter) are made is undisclosed to the public. 

So, I will go ahead and say, no, no they are not.  

What Are Crayola Markers Made Of?

Sadly, I can’t give you a full list of their ingredients as they have been keeping their ingredients a massive secret from the world, however, stearic acid from beef is in these markers and there is also potential from filler as well. 

There are many other potential ingredients too. 

What we can tell you is that if you smell a Crayola marker you will know they have a very distinctive smell to them. This smell is actually beef fat, and it is the beef fat (stearic acid) that gives the markers their wax texture. 

So, even without other things in it, the beef fat is more than enough for me to say ‘no thank you!’ to Crayola! 

Are Markers Vegan?

Some markers are vegan, just not Crayola. You can get Azafra, Wee Can Too, Doug and Melissa, and more types of brands that are vegan. 

You should look out for vegan art products by vegan art companies, as big-name brands tend to be… less friendly to the avoidance of animal by-products.

Are Copic Markers vegan?

Copic has announced that their products do not contain any animal products and their suppliers do not test on animals which is a good sign! They are also eco-friendly as they are refillable and reusable!

Are Sharpie Markers Vegan?

At first glance, perhaps, but as they also do not totally disclose all of their ingredients I can’t say for sure. There are rumors that the company that owns Sharpie does tests on animals as well. 

So, best to avoid sharpies.

Are Crayola Colored Pencils Vegan?

Sadly, there is no public ingredient list for Crayola pencils either, so I cannot say for sure, ideally, they should only contain dye and lead, but as there is no public ingredient list and Crayola is a bit sketchy already, it’s best to stay away from all Crayola. 

Is Crayola Chalk Vegan?

Unfortunately, I could not find an ingredient list for Crayola’s chalk. I’d like to believe so because there is no real reason that animal products should be in chalk, but companies love to surprise us don’t they?


Personally, whilst I was doing my research on whether Crayola is vegan-friendly, I was truly hoping that they are. But unfortunately, they are not suitable for vegans.
Saying that there are other companies you can use to completely vegan-friendly products for your art!

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