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Crumbl Cookies Vegan -Yes/No?

Crumbl Cookies Vegan -Yes/No?

Crumbl Cookies Vegan -yes/no? Are crumbl cookies vegan? – Do they have vegan options? Let’s find out!

Crumbl cookies are a favorite for many people, but as veganism emerges and becomes more and more popular, has Crumbl adapted to the rise of veganism?
Many of the big fast-food chains and smaller ones have addapetd their menu to suit vegans, but what about Crumbl?

Keep reading and we will find out!

Does Crumbl Have Vegan Options?

Does crumbl have vegan cookies? I personally went to a Crumbl bakery recently and checked their whole menu and spoke to a member of staff there.
I did a thorough inspection of Crumbl Cookie’s menu online as well and discovered that unfortunately, crumbl cookies do not have any vegan options.

I discovered that the majority of their cookies contain eggs, milk, or both together. These ingredients as we all know, are not vegan-friendly.
Before I was vegan, I enjoyed Crumbl cookies, and after I went vegan, I tried to re-create them. It’s not too difficult to make a vegan version of Crumble Cookies.

For example, their signature milk chocolate chip cookie can easily be done vegan.
I would sub their butter with vegan butter, sub the chocolate chips with vegan chocolate chips, and sub the egg for a flax egg.
I have done it before and loved it. It may not be the healthiest treat, but there is certainly a way of tasting Crumbl cookie….at home!

Do Crumbl Cookies Have Eggs In Them?

Crumbl Cookies Vegan -Yes/No?

Yes, Crumble Cookies contain eggs, but not all of them do. They have 1 cookie that doesn’t contain eggs, and that is:

  • Classic Krispy Bar

It does contain milk though, but no eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crumbl:

Are Any Crumbl Cookies Vegan

Unfortunately not, all their cookies contain eggs and milk, making them unsuitable for a vegan diet.

Does Crumbl Have Vegan Gluten-Free Cookies?

We found that Crumble Cookies do not have any vegan options, but does Crumbl cookie have any gluten-free options??
Based on my research, they do have 1 gluten-free cookie option, and that’s the –  Classic Krispy Bar.

However, they do have some ice creams that are gluten-free, these include:

  • Peanut Butter Brittle
  • Vanilla Bean

All their other ice creams contain wheat.

Crumbl Ice Cream – Are There Vegan Options?

ice cream
Unfortunately not, Crumble’s Cookie hasn’t got a single vegan option, that includes their cookies and ice cream. They all contain dairy and eggs.

Are Crumbl Cookies Dairy Free

Based on my research, none of their cookies or ice creams are dairy-free. They all contain a form of dairy on their menu.

What Are Crumbl Cookies Made Of?

What Are Crumbl Cookies Made Of?

Classic ingredients, eggs, sugar, butter, and flour. However, that’s not all. They add a lot of other ingredients, such as stabilizers, preservatives, corn syrup, and so much more.
Depending on the flavor of the cookie, more ingredients would be added to create that flavor.
For example, chocolate cookies would have cocoa powder and chocolate chips in them.

Crumble Cookies are definitely not a healthy option. Not to mention the whooping amount of calories one cookie contains. As a vegan, I don’t think I miss Crumbl cookies at all. I am better off without them!

Summary – No Crumble!

Although Crumbl Cookies are loved by many, unfortunately, they cannot be loved by vegans. Crumbl Cookies have decided to keep their menu strictly for non-vegans, and haven’t got a single item on their menu that is suitable for vegans.
However, personally, I don’t think you are missing out. Crumbl Cookies are not healthy at all. They contain a lot of sugar and a lot of calories. There are so many other vegan treats you could be eating.

Many fellow food chains have adapted their menu to suit the vegan rise, and they have vegan options on their menu. Will Crumbl Cookies follow soon? All we can do is wait and see, so watch this space!

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