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A Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan

A Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan

A Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan – pita bread is a super versatile baked good. From using it as a pocket to fill with your favorite fillings, to making chips out of it.
It’s a very common middle eastern baked good – in fact, it’s a staple. Hummus and pita bread is a marriage made in haven.

But the question that are you are wondering is, is pita bread vegan, and if yes, how to know if the pita bread is vegan? Let’s find out!

Is Pita Bread Vegan:

Yes! Pita bread is absolutely vegan if made traditionally; with bread flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil. (wheat is vegan, just in case you were wondering) The majority of pita bread at the store tends to be vegan, however, there are some brands out there that use milk. So be careful when you shop for pita bread. Traditionally, the pitas would have been a dough made of flour and water that was left out to absorb the natural yeasts present in the surrounding environment. The yeast spores allowed the bread to rise. As time went on, the typically dried yeast is added to the dough to encourage the bread to rise more quickly. Traditionally the round loaves were then cooked over a hot fire in an outdoor oven. These days, it’s just baked in a conventional oven!

How To Eat Pita Bread:
A Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan

When the pita bread is made, it puffs up and creates a pocket. The pocket makes it ideal for stuffing it with your favorite veggies, dips, and protein. It’s normally classically stuffed with hummus, veggies, and falafel.
Other ways to use pita bread, is to toast it and slice it, then dip it into hummus. It’s a very versatile type of baked good, so you can basically eat it any way you like.

A Brief History Of The Pita Bread:

Pita bread has been consumed in the middle east for about 4000 years. If you go to countries like Turkey,  Palestine, Israel, and a couple more, you will very likely see it served in almost in every food place. Each country puts a twist on it, of course.

Pita bread is a type of flatbread, that puffs when it’s cooked and creates a pocket. It’s commonly served with hummus and falafel, but there are also other ways to prepare pita bread, such as a type call pide. Pide is a form of pita bread that’s stretched and formed into a boat shape, then topped with desired toppings and baked.

Another way is to use the pita bread is as a gyro wrap.

Pita bread can also be cut and baked into crispy pita chips.

A Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan

So, this was my  Guide On Is Pita Bread Vegan – and it was good news – pita bread is vegan friendly!
I love to eat pita bread, by stuffing it with hummus, pickles, crunchy veg, falafel, and a drizzle of tahini. Yum!
Definitely go get yourself some pita bread and enjoy it!

Let me know how you like to eat your pita bread, feel free to drop a comment below, or message me directly on my social accounts:

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Have a great day!

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