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A Selection Of Vegan Nike Shoes

Nike is one of the biggest producers of shoes ideal for exercise, running, and looking super cool in the world. However, any vegan will be aware that there is always an air of caution around some big-name brands. 

This is because they do not always do vegan products, and when they do, there can be a risk of outsourced providers, and the process not actually being vegan. 

So, here we ask, can you get Nike vegan shoes? And what are the best vegan Nike shoes that you can buy?

A Selection Of Vegan Nike Shoes

Is Nike Vegan?

Nike is not entirely vegan, yet, they do have some great vegan sneakers for you to choose from. A majority of their sneakers that are suitable for vegans are made from faux leather. 

They have a vegan line suitable for vegans who want to look stylish but be animal and eco-friendly! 

Are All Nike Shoes Vegan?

A Selection Of Vegan Nike Shoes

To the point, not all Nike shoes are vegan, but they do have plenty of options. They have non-vegan and vegan shoe options. Some of their shoes will have leather uppers, which are obviously hardly friendly to vegans, however, they do have vegan-friendly sneakers. 

Vegan Nike Running Shoes

My absolute favorite of Nike’s vegan running shoes has to be the Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36. These are ideal for running. They are lightweight and have patented Air Zoom technology with air pockets and stretched fibers. 

With shock absorption, they give you perfect bounce, and make you forget about any knee or ankle pain! Hallelujah! 

Nike Vegan Leather Shoes

A Selection Of Vegan Nike Shoes

Nike does plenty of their ‘leather’ shoes. They use ‘flyleather’, which is a performance material, it smells and looks like leather, it’s made with recycled materials and synthetic materials. The leather scrap was destined for the landfill, but now it’s in a pair of shoes

Much better for the climate!

But, if you want to get weird, they actually have a new leather vegan range made from vegan pineapple leather! Check their ‘Happy Pineapple Collection’. Who knew pineapples even made leather!

Here’s the selection of Nike vegan leather shoes:

And the list goes on!

Nike Shoes Vegan USA

One of the absolute coolest vegan shoes made by Nike has to be their Nike SB Dunk’s. They have a leather-like upper, but they are, in fact, 100% vegan. 

They are based on one of their hottest products, but they decided to turn it into a mean, green, super clean, vegan machine! That being said, there are plenty of other vegan shoes made by Nike in the US, and so many options for their Nike vegan leather.

Even more, if you fancy trying out their ‘Happy Pineapple Collection’. 

I can’t get over the fact they make shoes with Pineapple leather!

Vegan Nike Womens Shoes

Nike Shoes Vegan USA

If you want new Nike vegan shoes for women, you will be spoiled for options from the Air Zoom Pegasus to the Air Max 36 and the Nike Shox Now, and more. They have over 20 different vegan trainers for women alone! 

However, not all are always available on their site, it is best to shop around if you want to find one of their vegan trainers for women, such as their Air Validus for trail running, or their Air Max 90 trainer for training. 

Can I Get Vegan Air Max?

Nike actually has quite the extensive Air Max range for vegans, however, we will admit they are not always in stock, or available in their store, so it does mean you need to shop around a bit to get your mitts on them.

If you live in the UK, you can get a pair of the Maharishi X Nike Air Max 90 easily here. They are organic cotton upper and are a beautiful maha olive color. 

The Air Max 180 can be vegan like the 90, but not all are, so you have to look around, however, they do end up out of stock quite fast as they are very popular!


What more is there to know about vegan Nike shoes?

Can Vegans Wear Nikes?

Plainly, yes, they can, but any vegan has to keep their eyes peeled for Nike vegan shoes, there are plenty, but they get out of stock quite quickly, so it’s all about keeping your eyes peeled for their vegan products!

Are Billie Eilish Nike Shoes Vegan?

Billie Eilish collaborated with Nike and came out with the Vegan Air Force 1s shoe, which is vegan! 

Does Nike Make Any Vegan Shoes?

Nike does make some vegan shoes, they have many vegan options, including their range made from pineapple leather. However, there are some controversies around Nike that are worth being aware of. 

What Nike Shoes Are Vegan?

It is worth keeping an eye out for Nike’s cork range and pineapple leather ranges, they have many options available, and some of their Air Max shoes are vegan but not all.

Here are some vegan Nike shoes:

And the list goes on!


It’s good news overall. Nike does have a big collection of vegan shoes. So, non-vegans and vegans altogether can wear Nike shoes. Just be sure to select the vegan Nike shoes when you are out shopping!

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