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Best Vegan Clothing Brands You Need In Your Life

Are there vegan clothing brands and vegan clothes? Well, yes there are, they do exist. 

You see, when you are living a vegan lifestyle, most of us forget that clothes will very often be a factor in this lifestyle. However, most of us are not even sure of what they are, why it matters, and which brands of clothing are even vegan. 

As we become more and more aware of where our food comes from, we have to consider how clothes are often produced. Most of us ditch wool, leather, and fur, and seek out other alternatives that are cruelty-free

Major fashion brands have started noticing that they now provide sophisticated items, such as designer labels all the way to more affordable basic clothing. This does make it easier for us to find more ethical clothing in our styles. 

As well as this there are plenty of vegan clothing brands. There are always new developments in innovative materials, utilizing existing materials and creating harm-free gorgeous garments.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Why Do Vegan Clothes Matter?

For the majority, most do not even think about what actually goes into their clothes, just if they look cool and awesome. To seek out vegan clothes brands tends not to come as a forethought. 

And sure, while in the summer sheep do often need shearing, the way it is done for commercial processes is typically cruel. And when it comes to getting animal feathers and skins is also vile. 

Say, when a farmer needs to shear his sheep, on a small farm, this practice will typically be conducted ethically and with care for each sheep. However, when it comes to commercialization output and efficiency have more value than output. 

Consider the companies that tend to outsource leather and animal skins from developing countries. These places will often have a lower standard and lower accountability for the welfare of their animals. 

It is also scary how many items of clothing and materials contain animal parts. Most of us are familiar with big ones like fur, wool, and leather, but let’s consider some others.

  • Suede: Comes from a variety of animal skins.
  • Angora: Comes from rabbit furs. 
  • Down: Made with feathers (usually ducks) to insulate winter coats and also fill pillows. 
  • Silk: Comes from boiling silkworms.
  • Cashmere: Comes from goats. 

If you can find yourself a vegan store, then going shopping for animal-free clothing brands can actually be so much easier

The Best Vegan Clothing Brands In The US

Let us take a look at some of the vegan clothing brands on the market. There are plenty of places you can get vegan clothing brands, but it just depends on what you are looking to get! 

US Vegan Leather Brands

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

The ideal leather jacket is typically something we do not have, however, now we needn’t miss out on them. Leather for vegans has really taken off in the last few years and there are so many clothing brands for vegans that make leather suitable for vegans now. 

These awesome cruelty-free options are made from plant fibers and recycled materials and are now widely available on the market. I’m not even talking about pleather, or synthetic leather, these have been around for a long time and are vegan-friendly, but they are still technically plastic

I am talking about more environmentally friendly options. You can get Muskin made from mushrooms, Pinatex from pineapple leaves, and Pellemela from apple peels. 

Here are some options.

Delikate Rayne

Faux skirts, bustiers, shorts, and so on, this brand gives you cruelty-free luxury for women with polyurethane made from recycled materials. 

Komie and Meg created this brand and offer minimalistic, sophisticated vegan clothing which looks stylish but reverses the effects of fast fashion, it is meant to last and there isn’t any need to discard products in the next season! 

Stella McCartney

This brand is a high-end vegetarian one and is one of the original pioneers of this fashion sense. They have shorts, jackets, and pants, they also have faux-leather purses for extra style. 

This brand also proudly states that its products create 24 whole times less environmental impact than other counterparts. It’s a win-win.

US Everyday Vegan Clothes Brands 

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Many of us would love to have more options in our day-to-day lives, but we also want them to be stylish and comfortable. Sadly fast fashion took over this market and meant we end up with clothing that is not made to last and usually ends up being discarded not long after we made it. 

However, most vegan alternatives have actually considered this, making great everyday clothes that are made to last. Here are a few I love!  

Thought Clothing 

Thought clothing started in the UK and uses bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. Making a great classic and comfy option for women and men. There they also have a vegan collection and even a quirky sustainable socks line making this company something truly special.

Armed Angels 

This brand is 90% vegan, there are even PETA-approved logos on a majority of their products, giving you the reassurance that there are no animal components in them. 

There is a wide selection including sweaters, coats, t-shirts, and denim, so you can fill your whole wardrobe with this brand easily! 

MUD Jeans

There are plenty of denim items that are totally vegan, and this brand is even more transparent about the whole manufacturing process too! They will even take back old jeans to be recycled. 

There is a current jean collaboration with the marine conservation society ‘Sea Shepherd’. The best part for them is that you can get their products in multiple sizes and styles, so everyone will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Vegan Coats 


If you live in the North then you probably need a good coat, as in the winter it can get pretty chilly. We want a coat that is well-insulated and keeps you nice and cozy when it gets cold. However, most coats are made from fur, down, or wool, but now there are plenty of vegan brands that will help us out in chilly times.


This brand of vegan clothing is a German brand, go on their website and check out their functional and sophisticated coats that are suitable for women and men. 

There are plenty of colors and styles available, with all vegan-friendly coats and all will keep you warm in the winter.

Hemp Trailer (Formerly Hoodlamb) 

Hemp Tailor declares that it is ‘fashion with a conscience. Using hemp in their clothing is a great idea as it is high quality and sustainable. 

There are plenty of coats for women and men, and all of them are classic. 


This brand is Czech-turned-German, and they are PETA-approved. They have coats for women and for men. Simplistic and stylish, as well as prices that are perfect for any budget. The best part is that they are all vegan and you will be protected from the cold.


Wuxly is made in Canada, and as you can imagine their coats are made to live the hard life, coping in temperatures as low as minus thirty degrees Celsius! They also have linings that are made from recycled materials and even have a vegan tech shell that is water-resistant. 

Coats from Wuxly come in many styles, so are to everyone’s taste. They also have pockets and features in which to keep gadgets warm and dry so even in snow, you and your phone are safe! 

Formal Wear For Vegans 

formal wear

Sometimes you want to look good and stylish for a special event but a while ago you would have to sacrifice good style to be ethical. 

However, nowadays you do not have to make sacrifices just to be ethical. There are brands that make formal wear that are vegan. You can look good and still feel good about what you’re wearing! 

Brave GentleMan

Brave Gentleman is the first-ever vegan menswear brand, and their suits are made-to-order vegan wonders. The most impressive thing about this company is that they have their own versions of vegan leather, silk, and wool, all made from recycled materials. 

They also have a ‘future ivory; which is made from tagua nuts, so even their buttons are vegan! How cool! 

Dalia McPhee

Here, 95% of the clothing at Dalia McPhee is vegan, they make some amazing formal gowns, and some have even been featured in Vogue! With carpet-ready designs, their dresses are gorgeous but also totally ethical

Lingerie & Pyjamas

There are so many highly sought lingerie made from silk, it can be hard to find vegan alternatives that are soft, comfortable, and make you look awesome! 

Thankfully, there are some vegan lingerie companies! 

Charlotte Dunn

If you want some super soft silk pajamas for vegans, Charlotte Dunn is the ideal company. This company hails from Britain and they make gorgeous luxury pajamas which are made from bamboo silk.

Billy Sleep

This is a mother/daughter-run company, it is a 100% vegan sleepwear brand that started back in 2018. Now, this Welsh vegan company will provide comfy and cozy pajamas for vegans out of cotton and bamboo. 

Vegan Activewear

You need some good clothing to workout in and do yoga in, however, it sucks how much activewear these days actually contains materials that are not vegan-friendly. You need to have clothing that fits right and is suitable for exercise. 

There are some brands that will provide vegan-friendly activewear that make you feel extra good when you work out. 


This is a sustainable vegan brand that sells environmentally friendly and sustainable activewear. 

They sell tops, tanks, bras, and leggings, and they have many options which are made from different recycled plastic fibers. 

UK Vegan Clothing Brands

What are your options if you live in the UK? Most of the time, the US just has the better brands, but the UK actually has a lot of vegan options, and as we can see above there are actually a few British companies that have branched out overseas and now sell vegan clothing in the USA. 

So, what are your options in the UK? Is fast fashion taking a downturn and environmentally friendly options taking over the market? It turns out that it is a slow road but these eco-friendly options are weeding their way into the top-selling markets! 


BAM sells activewear, underwear, outerwear, and accessories. The brand also has carbon-positive operations, and sustainable packing and they’re a ZDHC member. They are an ideal brand, especially if you want to add bamboo-derived pieces to your collection. 

They are a sports brand that sells jeans, t-shirts, leggings, crop tops, and skirts, and all of them are made from sustainable fabrics. 

However, their activewear is the best, from yoga pants to sweat-proof base layers, there is plenty here for every gym-goer.

Plant Faced Clothing

Plant Faced Clothing sells streetwear, casual clothing, and accessories. Furthermore, they use recycled fabrics, have Fair Wear and WRAP factories, and are GOTS certified with water-based ink. They provide you with classic vegan designs. 

They have cute vegan slogans which are ideal for people who want to represent their beliefs proudly. Most of their products are eco-friendly and they are made with organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. 

The company is also well known for paying fair wages and ethical production.


Morcant sells casuals, essentials, and accessories. They use small batch production, eco-friendly packaging, and are GOTS certified. 

This vegan fashion brand produces gender-neutral essentials, they are the ideal example of less is more. 

Their vegan items are made to last and create a sustainable but super cool wardrobe, and it never goes out of style, the best part… They are Fair Wear and PETA certified as well! 


Heartcure sells streetwear, casual clothing, and accessories. Their range is also climate positive and they use recycled packaging. They offer unique vegan designs which are inspired by classic tattoo styles. They have a great range of t-shirts that have eco-friendly and vegan slogans. 

There are loads of items made with recycled materials and black and white designs are very popular. Their street-wear headwear collection is especially popular.

Yes Friends

Yes Friends make essentials and casual wear. They use organic cotton, and they are GOTS certified and made in a factory that uses solar powder. They focus on ethical fashion and believe that vegan clothing shouldn’t be super expensive either. 

Their products include t-shirts that can be as cheap as £7.99. Their factory is solar-powered, they chose this to cut down on Co2 emissions all while offering timeless designs for more affordability and eco-friendliness. 

I doubt you will ever find any ethical, vegan, and sustainable hoodies and t-shirts as affordable as this. 

Ninety Percent 

This brand sells smart casual clothes and gorgeous knitwear. They use sustainable factories as well as organic cotton and Tencel. They always put responsibility at the front and center of what they do, they offer wide product ranges of vegan-friendly tops, dresses, and bottoms. 

Another awesome part of what they do is donating 90% of what they gain to charity, hence the cool name. They also offer an environmentally-friendly product range which is made of organic cotton and Tencel. So if you struggle to find sustainable but sexy dresses take a look here! 

People Tree

People Tree sells nightwear, smart casual, and underwear. They are GOTS certified and use organic cotton and Tencel. They are not totally vegan but they have an awesome PETA-certified vegan range that is as sustainable as the rest of their products. 

People Tree sells dresses, tops, skirts, comfy trousers, and ageless designs. Collections like such include innovative materials as well, including some such as Tencel! 


Frost is GOTS certified, GRS certified, and uses biodegradable packaging. They provide loungewear, activewear, and typical basics that are inspired by popular and tattoo designs. 

This company has an all-vegan team and a fully vegan range of products, they are always thinking of sustainability as well, all the way from raw materials to packages. Their collections are also released in small amounts, so if you want to stop here, stay in the loop.


This brand creates smart casual, casual, and underwear, all made in a solar-powered factory. Their clothing is organic and packed up in environmentally friendly packaging. 

They make vegan-friendly clothing in their solar-powered factories using denim, bamboo fabric, and organic cotton. All of the materials that they use in their range are totally organic, their underwear range is also super affordable and exceptionally sustainable, one of the most affordable and sustainable on the market. 

All of the woven pieces from Rozenbroek come with a 10-year guarantee as well! 


Tentree makes loungewear, essentials, outwear, and also kidswear, using only organic cotton, Tencel, hemp fabric, and recycled polyester. They also donate to One Tree Planted and the Eden Projects. 

This is a brand designed to give back, Tentree pledges to plant 10 trees for each of the products they seek! They also are 100% carbon-neutral certified brands that offer a massive range of fully organic cotton essentials and they even offer down-free insulated outerwear. 

All of the products they sell are carbon-offsetting and friendly to vegans, so you can dress great and feel good knowing that the money you have spent will go towards helping the planet! 


Jakke sells outwear, accessories, and smart casual, all using recycled polyester and recycled bottles, all via offering a recycling scheme. 

This is the ideal brand for those who are willing to expand their budget. They offer quirky and classy fashion. They specialize in sustainable faux fur jackets and coats and are the ideal presentation of what vegan fashion of the highest order is all about. 

A majority of their products are made from plastic that has been recycled, recycling has never been so stylish and fashionable! 

Why Is Vegan Fashion On The Rise?

We have to wonder with so many options (this is not even all of them), why are so many people looking at vegan materials first of all? What is people’s beef with animal-sources typical clothing?

Well, of course, the primary issue is most of the non-vegan fabrics are exploiting animals and being cruel to animals. 

An example of this would be found in hows and how they are bred to have super shiny hides. This produces high-quality of leather. They are then kept captive generation through the generation and will finally end up being skinned and slaughtered way too early before their life would naturally end. 

The profits which are then gained as a result of selling this leather end up going back into the livestock industry. This will end up supporting the further slaughter of more animals and young, including cows and veal, sheep, and lamb. 

Most think it is only vegans like me and you who find this entire process vile, however, it is not only vegans, there are plenty of others who find this whole setup really inhumane.

There are also incredible amounts of people who denounced the cruelty of the industry around the fur. 

Choosing to wear vegan clothes and shoes is a choice that helps us reduce harm to animals and the environment whenever we can. Thanks to the number of vegan products that are available, it is not even that much of difficult thing to do anymore, so more people can do this. 

In fact, the more people who make the choice to choose vegan and eco-friendly clothing, the better an effect there will be. 

With vegan clothes like the ones we have spoken about today, you can have a timeless, fashionable wardrobe without harming animals in the process. 

What Is In The Future Of Vegan Clothing?

With there being so many amazing vegan clothing brands in the UK and US that are progressively expanding collections and finding countless ways to substitute animal products with more sustainable and animal-friendly options, being able to find your own style for vegan-friendly eco-friendly fashion is easier than ever. 

Thank goodness we can finally say that the time of plastic jackets and ugly sandals is gone. Vegan fashion is going to be the fashion statement of the future. 


Is H&M Clothing Vegan?

I cannot say that H&M is vegan, their entire brand is not vegan, however, they are taking small steps in a better direction to start on a vegan journey. They do not exclusively sell vegan clothes, however, since 2021 they have started being more eco-conscious. 

In 2021 they stated, “ We are proud to be able to unite two passions: versatile fashion-forward design with more sustainable PETA-approved alternatives to animal-derived materials”. They still have a long way to go before they are totally suitable for vegans. 

Can Vegans Wear Jeans?

The denim itself is actually vegan, on its own. Denim is a very sustainable fabric that is made with very sturdy cotton and twill, neither of these is made with any animal products. 

However, it is sad to say that most jeans do still have many patches on the outside of the waist back on back with the logo of the maker. Most of the time now, this is made with vegan leather, or even polyurethane, or paper. 

However, sadly some brands do not do this yet, they do still use leather patches which are made of cow skin, in spite of being totally aware that leather has a seriously negative impact on the environment and it is really abusive to cows who are killed for their skin, they choose to continue doing it. 

The company that is most well known for doing this is Levi’s, which is still an incredibly popular brand. 

Is Calvin Klein Vegan-Friendly?

Sadly, Calvin Klein is not actually cruelty-free, but they actually do have some vegan products. They do offer some decent vegan products, however, since they are not cruelty-free, there is no confirmation that the vegan products they do sell are 100% vegan. 

Even though they list their perfume such as CK Everyone is listed as being vegan, natural, and clean, it is not truly vegan. While vegans who are not strict on their veganism may be happy to still use this, those who are more strict on their veganism are probably better off avoiding this. 

Is Gucci Vegan?


Gucci is said to order some vegan-friendly options, however, they are also not cruelty-free, so it is best to avoid any of the products that they offer. 

In fact, technically they do not actually claim or even market themselves as offering any vegan-friendly options. This is because Gucci actually engages in animal-testing practices thus even though they are rumored to have vegan options, they are not actually vegan. 

Even though they were awarded for making strides in cruelty-free leather alternatives making an animal-free 77% raw plant-based material because the rest of the company is not cruelty-free the company itself is not actually vegan-suitable. 

It is best to make up your own mind on this, however, as technically their vegan handbags are vegan, but the rest of the company is not. 

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